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Not too motivated

Storms of Superior


Over a week ago, I bought a new computer that should be able to handle Skyrim with a limited mod load (no ENB) without going on the fritz.


I have a problem: I'm not feeling like putting together the whole mess of mods and tools with MO, not to mention the STEP project to help keep it stable, for once.


If anyone has words of encouragement, leave them here.


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Say, why in the world don't you use a second HDD / SSD for your games? If I get a new PC, all I have to do is plug in the games hard drive and be done with it.

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Hm, been too long for me to remember to not enough money left over for a decent PC. I can't even remember when I went to 2 hard drives. Hm. Never mind.


All the best wishes, take good care of your PC and have fun. No need to persuade you into creating sooner than late. If it is in you, it will drive you either way.

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