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The hunt continues!





Maiev Shadowsong is next hero coming tomorrow to PTR heroes of the storm and in 6 february in US to live server and 7 february to EU live server! But what we know about her?


Before Maiev was an Warden, she was priestess of the moon, while her brother Jarod Shadowsong was captain of Suramar city guard. When legion came to Azeroth 10.000 years ago, Maiev like rest of sisterhood of elune, joined the war effort against the Legion. When the war was over and Illidan sentenced for eternal imprison, Maiev voluntered herself to be his jailer and Wardens was born. When Illidan escaped the prison thanks to Tyrande, Maiev follow him toward Outland where finally at Black Temple she imprisioned him again.


Durning third legion invasion, Maiev went missing after Gul'Dan take Illidan to Nighthold. Later Maiev joined the coalition Armies Of Legionfall in Broken Shore, to assault Tomb Of Sargeras and seal entry for the legion once and for all.


Now in Nexus, she will got more opportunities for hunt not only for Betrayer...

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