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Story time





Just a simple shot of Mist for you all to accompany a story of what happened to me at work today. No this isn't a rant just a (possibly) amusing story.



So I'm a 24 year old guy so not got that much life experience however at the store I work at I'm one of the most experienced grocery colleagues (remember this point it's important later) so any of my less experienced colleagues tend to come to me if they need help with finding stuff so one of them comes to me to ask for help with a customer because they couldn't find what they where looking for, the customer needed soap that his wife wasn't allergic to as it turned out his wife had a fanny rash (her private area was red, itchy and painful according to the customer) so I got lumped helping this customer because I was the most experienced grocery colleague on the shop floor at the time in the end I showed him where the itch relief stuff was (I'm not a fucking doctor so that's the best I could do) and in the end he bought some kind to skin bath shite and dettol disinfectant. As I said I'm 24 years old and have never had to deal with fanny rash.


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