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Yep an image of Ash in the dawnguard armour, there's another picture of her here; https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/images/687136 and I didn't realise until after I took that image I haven't given her an amulet of Kynareth yet. But anyway the main reason for this entry is actually a positive one, I wanted to talk about the music I like and what my favourite songs are (and why.)



The main type of music I like is metal (there is some punk in there, but that's limited to NoFX and the Offspring) with Skindred and Iron Maiden being my two favourite bands. My love of metal was actually kindled by a group of people I knew in Guild Wars where they did an online radio show that played various metal bands (a few non metal ones as well, but the emphasis for that is on few) which introduced me to different bands such as Trivium and Nightwish (and Iron Maiden as well actually, listening to that show was the first time I listened to Maiden) and from there I started listening to more and more bands (it's not the only way I found out about bands, one of my mates introduced me to Rammstein long before I listened to that show) such as Skindred, Crossfaith and NoFX. Nowadays there's an absolute shitload of bands I listen to as well as some I've stopped listening to (Bullet for my Valentine being the main one, I'm not a 14 year old edgelord anymore) that span quite a few of the subgenres from death metal (Dethklok) to thrash metal (Trivium) to symphonic metal (Nightwish) to German industrial metal (Rammstein) to Scottish pirate metal (Alestorm) to Nu metal (Korn) to Welsh Ragga metal (Skindred) etc. etc. that I never actually get bored of listening to the music on my phone or ipod. However like all music fans there are some songs I like more than others and for me the best ones are the ones I don't get bored of listening to, hence Skindred and Iron Maiden being two of my favourite bands they both have multiple songs that never bore me from Fear of the Dark which introduced me to Iron Maiden to We Want that made me fall in love with Skindred. If I didn't have music to listen to I would probably go insane, even if it's just the shitty Christmas music that's being played on a nonstop loop this time of year (working an 8 hour shift with music you don't like playing for almost the entirety of it is not a fun experience.)


But anyway below are some of the songs I consider to be perfect with some explanations as to why I think that;




It's so upbeat, makes a nice change from listening to less upbeat songs and it never gets boring listening to it.



Less upbeat than We Want, but again it's a song that I don't get bored of listening to.



Again I don't get tired of listening to it (sensing a theme here?) However it's also special (to me anyway) as it's the song that introduced me to Iron Maiden.



It's an all around amazing song and pretty much the same as the above three. Bruce Dickinson is a fucking genius.



An 18 minute Punk Rock song, that's right EIGHTEEN minutes when most punk rock songs are at most 4 or 5 minutes long. I remember hearing NoFX referred to as the  punk rock rolling stones (although that might be an exaggeration they used for one of their songs) but for a genre that doesn't actually appeal to me outside of two bands they're fucking amazing



So yeah, sorry to subject you all to that but I felt like talking about my musical taste.


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