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Introducing Ash






So over the past week I've had 2 polls up for you lovely people to effectively create my character Ash. The first one (found here; https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5742-create-my-character-read-before-voting/) was to decide her preferred magic (dunno why I asked that,) combat style and armour. Which resulted in a destruction, restoration and illusion mage who utilises bows and light armour (I explained in the post for the second one I decided to add daggers to that list for screenshot purposes as well as because I don't like playing purely ranged characters daggers being the third most popular option) which is possibly one of the weirdest gear loadouts I've used for a character.



The second poll (found here; https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5756-create-my-character-part-2/) was a bit more esoteric (I think that's the word I want) in nature discussing her religion (if any,) her birth sign (standing stone, I preferred Oblivion's take on it so I'm using that), her guild and which side she chose for the civil war (if she chose one.) Too be perfectly honest the only reason I did the second poll was to see what people would select, it didn't get as many votes as the first one but I wasn't too worried about that however I did have to ignore some votes (other than my own with one exception) since they contradicted earlier questions (which was probably my fault, should have worded the questions better.) But anyway she worships the divines, more specifically Kynareth (this is the exception to me ignoring my own votes, I accidentally added my own vote for Talos) which was due to each of the divines (that had votes for them) were equal so I decided to assign each one a number (from 1 to 5) and put it through a random number generator which resulted in Kynareth coming out as the divine she worships. As for her birthsign (Standing Stone) the Lord stone was the clear winner and honestly its buffs do seem more useful than the others. As for her guild, the overwhelming victor was the Dawnguard she will end up in all the guilds but for story purposes (if I do anything, still need to get off my lazy arse and finish up Storm's) she'll be part of the dawnguard. As for the civil war, most of you agreed with me as to how pointless it is.



So that's Ash, still trying to think of a backstory given the armour she's wearing in this shot (it's the Light Blades armour btw) it might be something to do with Blades so you will maybe see her with a katana at some point (maybe, like I said in one of my other images I will take your decisions on her weapons and armour into account for images 98% of the time) but other than that I've not decided on much. I might do another blog post later about it.



Anyway more images of her;








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6 hours ago, DragonChickenBorn said:

she will be a good pokemon Trainer...

Not who she's named after, besides Ash is a terrible trainer.

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