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TLIM - Chapter 1 : By Her Side



Previous Entry : https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5732-tlim-prologue/


Please Read the Previous Blog so that this one will make more sense. ^ ^






After The Dovahkiin had lost hot and sweaty sex with the Maid Leah, Leah decides to ask the Dovahkiin a question that he would have never expected. . . . 

The Dovahkiin's Story Continues. . . 




Maid : " So, Now that I'm satisfied, how about we talk about our future together.? "

Dovahkiin : " ahahaha..... I thought this was one time thing you know.. I didn't actually think that you were actually into me like that.. "

Maid : " Nonsense! Let's put it into perspective here.  Would you rather look at these tits and this face or those blockey polygonal faces that Ysolda and Mjoll has?"

Dovahkiin : " . . . . . . . . . . . Wow. Blunt. "

Maid : " That's what I thought. Besides, If you let me travel with you, I'll let you fuck me whenever you want. :) "

Dovahkiin : " Alright, Deal. But one thing I want to ask of you. "

Maid : " And what is that? "

Dovahkiin : " Keep your hair down for me. :] "




Maid : " Is that your request? To be honest I thought you were going to ask me to stay naked at all times. "

Dovahkiin : " I'm not THAT much of a pervert, I originally didn't even want to have sex with you. " 

Maid : " But you did. " 

Dovahkiin : " But I did. LOL. "

Maid : " Besides. . . . " 




Maid : " Was it really the wrong choice? " 




       The Dovahkiin and Leah had traveled to a nearby forest where it was getting dark.  The Dovahkiin and Leah decides to sleep the night in the forest.  The Very next morning. . . . . . 




Dovahkiin : " She doesn't look like a Nympho at all when she is asleep. She actually looks like a decent girlfriend when she's asleep. . . . WHAT AM I SAYING?! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I WILL NOT LET HER TAKE OVER MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Whatever, I can't go on with her sleeping. I'll just go back to sleep until she wakes up. " 


~ A short nap later ~ 




Maid : " Wake up. Wake up Dragonborn. " 

Dovahkiin : " It's about time you woke up AWAHHAS DWAHSDH ASFKDSLGKNASIA OSDFMAKLD " 

Maid : " Yea, I got hot and I took off my clothes, I hope you don't mind. " 

Dovahkiin : " No not at all, I don't mind seeing a hot naked woman sitting on top of me when I have just woken up from a sleep. NoOoOooOOo, not at all."

Maid : " What? Do you still want to sleep?  Your body says otherwise Dragonborn. " 

Dovahkiin : " What do you mean MY BODY? " 

Maid : " mhhhhhhhhhhm. " 




Dovahkiin : " Not so fast Leah, I am taking you this time. "

Maid : " Well if you are going to fuck me right, then do it. " 


*A few short body adjustments later. . . . *

*From now on the chat will be in the pictures as subtitles instead.* :) For immersion purposes I guess. Lmao.








(Im going to publish this, but please note it is not done.)

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" She doesn't look like a Nympho at all when she is asleep. "

=> Appears fully naked just two lines below. =D


Anyway, seems like the start of a very hot love story. ;)



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