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blog-0616778001404742603.jpgMist having a bath, of course she's teasing you all by covering her tits.


Also the announcement comes from the fact I've decided to stop uploading Skyrim shots to the nexus (they don't know this yet though :P) mainly because the sheer amount of traffic cause my images to not get the number of views I think they deserve, essentially they get spammed off the front and even second and third pages which I find annoying. Yes I know my stuff isn't as good as some of the stuff that gets put up on the nexus but I still find it annoying. So yeah my pseudo image share is going to get Skyrim images as well as New Vegas images.


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Of corse I did. Normally we're accustomed to look only at the surface of things, and things by their own nature tend to get old and boring. Forgotten, like they never existed. I'm a time traveler. I like to wander in the past, and sometimes in the future.


To be honest, last time I was looking for some nice Fallout screenshots and stumbled upon your blog. I had a lot of free time and so I've been reading every damn page until present days.

Good work.

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