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Skimpy mashup!

meme supreme


I've been basically gone for like 2 months or something. I am not dead tho. I am just not internet.


Homewer skimpy armor mashups are still life and I still make new ones! I was pretty proud of this one and apparently I've already made 71 pieces so that's nice. I'll just leave a pic, whenever I get my inet back I'll upload this shit for like the 2 whole guys that like my mods. Thanks guys.




ps: The skirt has no back !!


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Looks good. Is this a continuation of the IA skimpy mashup or a new project?


Oh I guess I should've cleared that up lmao. This is a new project, based on and using parts off of the Vigilant Elite armor from the Vigilant mod. I still have to do a few things for IA though, which I probably should've done before starting this.

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