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Entry 16- Getting closer....




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  1. 1. Excited yet?

    • Oh yeah.
    • Its about damn time!
    • Marry me.
    • Marry Tigras?
  2. 2. What are you looking forward to the most in v1.0?

    • The mod actually working...
    • A new, more fleshed out story!
    • Tigras sex, wooh!
    • General improvements in how everything works.

Been a while, but then again, I suspect most of you are getting used to just how lazy I am. Anyways, here's the latest update on what's been going on so far.


I currently have about 80-95% of the quest framework done for v1.0. I have tested all of it, and it is working flawlessly. To be honest, it isn't quite as epic as I was originally aiming for, but I've come to decide that I can always come back to it later to polish the rough spots up.


What does this mean, you might ask? I have a fight planned. To be honest, I don't really know how it'll go. It seems like other modders end up with fights that are either too easy or too difficult. I'll see if I can come up with a decent balance, but I'm not confident I'll be able to do so, especially considering how many variables of difficulty there is. Right now, I'll be satisfied to get a fully working fight that'll do exactly what I'm hoping. Considering how horrible my previous experiences with werewolf combat AI have been, I'm not sure it will even work very well.


After this, I will need to create most of the quest objectives for basically the latter 60% of the quest. From here, I will then need to get them working, which will involve more testing to make sure they are all working. This really shouldn't take long, as most of this is just two or three lines of extra code.


Then, I'm going to take another sweep through the dialogue, and hopefully fix some of the more awkward bits, as well as change some of the parts where I ended up changing my mind on how I will deal with the lore.


After this, I need to re-integrate Tigras's follower features. To be honest, I'm not sure I'll be able to get him to carry items for you, but everything else was working when I last tested it. I believe I will be tweaking how it works so it will save me some headaches later. Then of course I'll have to test it. Yay.


I will then have to work on some scripts for handling if the player somehow manages to unequip the armor prematurely. These can sometimes get tedious, but I believe that with simplifying the hybrid armor types down to one main set, it will make it easier for me. Although, now I have ears and a tail to worry about as well. To be honest, I have a feeling it'll break on beast races, but I'm not going to test that before release. It's something I'll work on in the next update after v1.0 I think, even if its just not giving beast races these features.


Finally, there is of course, the sexlab bits I will have to add in. Shouldn't take long to do though, as my scenes generally aren't very complicated, and there will be /almost/ no scripted sex scenes, unlike before.


In conclusion, SLB is getting closer to release, prepare yourselves.


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Well, that depends on how often I worked on it. If I were to regularly work on it until the weekend, I could probably release it this Saturday.


Edit* Forgot to mention, I REALLY need to completely redo the OP for SLB too.

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That's really good to hear Phoenix! And I am really confidant that 1.0 will be a flawless experience!

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Don't count on it. There's a LOT of new stuff, and I'm only one person. I'm working to prevent as many bugs as possible, but I can't be sure a couple of them won't sneak in.

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Working on the (INCREDIBLY) complicated scene for the "ending" of v1.0's quest. Oh boy this one's a mess, for something that will end up so simple ingame...


*Edit* Done with the scene, but won't be able to test to see if it works until tomorrow. Hopefully it works, otherwise I have a huge headache ahead.

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Scene is about...40% working right now. Need to make some tweaks before giving it another test. But first, I need a nap. I think once I get this done, I will also do some changing of the very first scene in this quest as well. After that, v1.0 will be probably around 90% ready to be released.

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I got a little overconfident with my previous numbers. I just realized that there's a lot of script stuff I need to redo as well, mostly regarding the perks.

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Eventually, yeah. It'll be a long time before I would be able to make anything remotely good enough to actually release though. My main priority is a male version of the hybrid armor so I can start working on the male portion of the quest. At some point, I also want to completely redo the hybrid meshes to make them look way better than they were originally.


I'll probably start with making some simple "clothes" that hybrids can wear though.

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Clothing and armor that hybrids can use is a definite possiblity now. Only problem would be having to convert them to different body types... Oh god, I just realized how much work that would be... =.=;


*Edit* This comments thread is getting too long now. I think I'll need to make another blog post tomorrow...


Probably going to have to abandon this scene due to how incredibly fucking awful skyrim's AI is...

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