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[Skyrim LE] Mods Esp Edits and what not



This is where all my esp edits and mods for skyrim will go, I plan to add all the edits that are posted on other threads to here, and any new ones will also go here.


Luxury Collection




Edits the esp for the UUNP Luxury collection to have crafting and tempering recepies.


Original mod here ; http://www.loverslab.com/topic/54989-luxury-collection-for-uunp-hdt-bodyslide-2016119last-update/


Install the original mod, then replace the esp with mine provided below, it should not remove any of the armours you already have. If I missed anything let me know, stockings are flagged as boots so that they can be enchanted and so that things like perk ma and lootification work with them properly.


Luxury Collection.7z





Hoof Armours Craftable And Temperable, this makes the hoof armours from this mod's download craftable and temperable. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37640-draenei-race-with-hoof-armors-by-trykz/




Installation, down load and install the original hoof armours, down load and install my esp update if asked choose yes when asked to overwrite.


Crafting requirements are based on their material type so deadric requires daedric smithing, glass require glass smithing.


Tempering requires the same materials as the normal armour types.







Other stuff, this will include links to posts here and potentially on other sites that I consider useful, for me that is and those tend to get lost amid the general posting and constant updates to things.



Keyboard Not Working, I found this post on here but buried among various posts, it is apparently from a post on the steam forums, but no link was given that I could find.



Ok guys i fixed my Skyrim without any help. Here's my solution for those who have installed both Skyrim SE and Skyrim.

-Go to Documents/Skyrim Special Edition/SkyrimPrefs and then change bGamepadEnable=1 to 0, and add this new line below bKeyboardEnable=1.

-Do the same in Documents/Skyrim/SkyrimPrefs

-Now the most important thing! First launch Skyrim SE, it will load these new edits and "uncorrupt" Skyrim files. Next just close Skyrim SE and launch normal Skyrim, your keyboard should work properly in both games! I hope it does, this worked for me.

EDIT: I did it in both files because it didn't worked when i changed only Skyrim/SkyrimPrefs or Skyrim Special Edition/SkyrimPrefs



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