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Rose Raids Riften




"Welcome to Riften, home of the Thieves guild, or so they'd have you believe." is how the guard greets me at the city gate. He then tries to claim I have to pay to get in. "You sure its not just the thieves that want me to believe that? Sounds like you might be a member." Bluff called, the guard lets me into the city without having to pay his "tax".


While walking through the city looking for Thalmor soldiers or wizards I spot a khajiit female who appears to be stalking me. Finding no obvious elves on the streets I wonder if they are either ahead of me or only sent spies. I'll need a spy of my own if I am to find Esbern before they get here. The man I rescued said he was hiding out in the Ratway, a sprawling network of tunnels and cisterns under the city. I might need a guide as well as a spy.


Finding a likely beggar named Snilf, I draw him off to a quiet area with promises of food and coin. Finding a quiet area in a small, overgrown garden next to a house for sale, I supply the elderly beggar with food while pumping him for information. Unfortunately, he lives in a section of the warrens cut off from the rest and knows little about them. He says he can give me directions to a shady tavern frequented by thieves and other lowlifes. It should be close to the area I want and contain people knowing where I want to go. Since he's been at least partially useful, I give him the promised gold. Spotting the furry thief skulking near by, I ask if he wants a little something in the way of a reward and an excuse for spending time away from his begging spot in case any inquiring elves come by. Unfastening my pants and sliding them down, I give him access to a reward he hasn't had in quite some time.




blogentry-544130-0-78229900-1486100551_thumb.png - Snilf getting a little honey nectar (to throw off the spy Shavari )


Stress clearing orgasm and directions obtained, I head into the tunnels off the canal. After slipping past some failed thieves, assorted lowlifes and a drunk that looks like he could break a door bare handed, I reach the dive of a slum bar named the Ragged Flagon. A few whispered words of negotiation with the bartender reveal he does have the information I seek but won't part with it cheaply. While I have the coin, I offer a slightly different payment first but he turns me down. "We are kind of an item, you see... we have a thing going." he says, indicating a rather attractive Redguard eyeing me. "I can do items" I respond calmly, "Things of 3 just need a slightly larger quiet area than 2." The nord exchanges a look with his girl before she walks over to exchange quiet words. Soon she turns to me with a smile and says "I think we can make a deal with you."


(forgot there isn't a lot of light on these)


blogentry-544130-0-70689300-1486100592_thumb.png Tonilia and I duel tongues on Vekel


blogentry-544130-0-81671000-1486100614_thumb.png I lay on the rug while Tonila lays on me, Vekel sliding his spit slicked stick into her from behind


blogentry-544130-0-10840000-1486100642_thumb.png Finally my turn for Vekel as I pay Tonila while she sits on my face


Payments made for my information, Vekel gives me one last warning before I head down the tunnel, "You're not the only one that has been here looking for that old man. Be careful... I'd rather have you back here as a customer than those pointy eared bastards." Nodding, I restring and ready my bow before heading deeper into the Ratway.


blogentry-544130-0-01957800-1486101203_thumb.png - Thalmor agents. A wizard ahead and soldiers already a level down.


Looks like I made it just in time. The soldier across from me is conveniently standing in front of a large grate and receives an arrow right in her back. I shoot the wizard across from me as he finishes his turn, striking him squarely in the chest. A third soldier below me runs off, searching for the killer he cannot see. I'll have to proceed carefully and not stumble into him or any confederates. Soon I've cleared my way and found the much revered Blades agent, Esbern. At first he isn't willing to come with me, mired in his despair over the end of the world. After I make a comment about having to go kill dragons by myself while Delphine recruits more Blades to join the dragonborn he snaps out of his funk. Dragonborn? Then hope is not lost! "Yes Esbern, that's what I've been saying. Hope isn't lost, I AM Dragonborn." After a flurry of activity while he searches through his books and notes, we're finally ready to escape this rat infested hole and make our way back to Riverwood. Unfortunately we do not manage to leave Riften before the spy, Shavari, tries to attack us. Too bad for her, the guards are more than effective, not having been bought off by the Thalmor apparently, and we leave the city unharmed. Stopping by Dravin's farm to return his bow (thanks to an overheard conversation elsewhere in the Ratway), Esbern and I make our way to Delphine's hidden cellar.




Riverwood, Sky Haven and Throat of the World


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