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Sanguine Debauchery + Faq



blog-0464762001410472058.png[Posting this as a blog post to save up some room on the download page]




Q: What is the proper way to install SD?


There is no proper installation process but it should look like this:


- install Sexlab and its requirements (SkyUI and FNIS especially)

- install an advanced skeleton like XPMS (for the spriggan armor)

- install Devious Devices Integration and its requirements : SexLab Aroused, Devious Devices Assets and Zaz animation framework.

- install Death Alternative

- install SD and make sure it is at the end of your load order

- if you have Frostfall, Dawnguard or Dragonborn DLCs, install the optional add-ons and only activate the add-ons you need

- make sure the add-ons are loaded after SD

- run FNIS for Users to register all animations

- start Skyrim

- in SD's menu, under Status, select INSTALL

- in SD's menu, check the options you need (take a look at Coin for the Wicked or Coveted or the Hardcore option)

- in SD's menu, when you are ready, select BEGIN or wait until you reach level14 and go through the 'Night to remember' quest


Q: Why do I keep getting killed, or sent into a permanent black out state when I'm defeated?



It's possible you're being attacked by an NPC or creature that isn't capable of enslaving you. Animals and monsters don't enslave. Among the man-like NPCs, Draugr, Ghosts, Giants, Trolls, and Atronachs won't enslave either.


Check your settings in the Death Alternative MCM menu. In the "OnBlackout Events Settings" and "Radiant Events Settings" sections, you'll find a list of possible events checked and unchecked. If your attacker should be able to enslave you and won't, it's likely that the "SD" events aren't selected. If your attacker is a non-slaver (Giants, Drauger, Wolves, etc.) and you're getting sent into an unrecoverable black out, it's likely that you don't have the default DAYMOYL events selected. This is especially likely if your attacker was a creature.


Of course, make sure both Death Altnerative and SD+ are installed.


Also, some NPCs (not too terribly many) are excluded from the enslavement list. If you're running other mods that add NPCs, they may ignore enslavement mechanics based on how that mod treats their faction allegiances.


Another possibility is that you've (accidentally or intentionally) reduced the probability of SD enslavement kicking in upon death. The two OnBlackout SD events are defaulted to be highly probably (around 80%). If you look in DAYMOYL's OnBlackoutEvents menu and find that the SD options have low probabilities, bump them up to increase the likelihood that they will take precedence over the other DAYMOYL events.


Q. The "K" key doesn't do anything. What's going on?

For players of previous versions of SD+, the "K" (or surrender) key has been retooled for SD+ 2.0. It's function is still the same in spirit, but its mechanics have changed. Now, when you hit "K" in combat, a dialogue will pop up with 3 options.


Submit to your Aggressor - This option will either trigger the Blackout events that would trigger automatically or give you a quick health boost.

Submit to Sanguine - This option will send you to the Dreamworld or give you a quick health boost.

Resist - This option with reset the PCs status within the DAYMOYL framework. It may not always work.


What's with the health boosts? The 3 options now provided by "K" are intended as a safety valve to keep the game moving along. Bleedout, Blackout, and enslavement, as well as the other DAYMOYL quests, should kick in (relatively) seamlessly. Occasionally, things go pear shaped, and you'll find yourself in a kind of limbo where nothing is happening or progressing. This is where "K" comes in. Using the different options available, you can try to kick-start the progress of the game.


You may find that using the "Resist" option doesn't do anything. In that case, go into the DAYMOYL menu and reset your player state from there (found in the "Utility Settings" section).


Q: I installed SexLab 1.5+ and no sex animations are playing, or certain specific animations aren't playing. What's wrong?

First, make sure that your SKSE & ZaZ Animation Pack are the right versions. SKSE 1.7.0 is required by SexLab 1.5+, and v5.52 of ZaZ AP is the version that supports SexLab 1.5+. This is likely to be the problem if your animations aren't working as a whole.


In general, Sexlab 1.5 is really new. SexLab 1.5+ made a series of internal changes to the way SexLab works. It's not entirely clear yet all of the changes it makes and how that interacts with SD+. For the time being, compatibility with SexLab 1.5+ is a WIP. Be patient, and if you find a certain animation consistently missing, try to make a note of which one(s) is/are missing and post the missing animation and the circumstances in the thread. You can tell which animations have been triggered by opening the console and looking at the most recent entry.


Q: I joined my Master's faction and now the game is too easy. How do I leave the faction?

This is a known issue. The intent is to integrate a gameplay mechanic that makes slaver faction allegiances temporary (eg they will expire automatically) and/or allow the player to leave factions at will. For now, the only option is to leave all factions with a master command in the console


"player.RemoveFromAllFactions" is the appropriate command. It's not case sensitive. Capital letter are included here to make the command easier to read.


NOTE that this command will do what it says; it will remove the PC from ALL factions, including factions that you may want to belong to...Companions, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, etc. This obviously presents some problems, which is why a different solution is in the works. For now, use the console command freely if you haven't joined any of the regular, quest associated factions. Use with great deliberation if you've already joined quest factions.


Q: I tried to uninstall and I'm transported to Dreamworld. What's next?


First, try this procedure to uninstall SD+:


1. Go into a small cell, hit uninstall in MCM, exit MCM.

2. Get transported to dream world. Pull chain on column, transported to Haelga's basement.

3. Wait 3 - 5 hours for Sanguine's bindings to disappear. Look in MCM menu to make sure only the rose is there.

4. New save.

5. Desktop, Uninstall SD with NMM

6. Clean new save (from 4) with saveEdit.exe.

7. Load new cleaned save, open MCM menu look for SD option, if it is sill there exit MCM and wait 2-3 game hours, open MCM menu and SD option is gone.

7. Save

8. Desktop , Done.

9. Can reinstall again.

The uninstall process is broken IF you uninstall SD+ and then attempt to reinstall it later in the same game. Essentially, if you uninstall SD+, and then later try to Reinstall SD+ on the same game/character you're going to have problems.


Solutions to known issues after uninstall:

-If you find yourself in the Dreamworld, use the safety exit chain. This should bring you back to Skyrim.

-If the PC goes into the bleedout state, use the "Wait" feature and wait a few hours. This should resolve being stuck in bleedout.

-As a general fix for post-uninstall problems, make sure you uninstall only when you're not enslaved, not infested with the Spriggan host, and not in the Dreamworld. Uninstall the mod (click uninstall, exit all menus, let the process work), then after the uninstall is finished, make a new save. Exit the game, run the game again, and load your newest, post-uninstall game. This has been seen to work as a method of clean out the SD+ effects.


If you find yourself immortal after you've uninstalled, follow these instructions from jbezorg's original SD:


SD Immortality Fix

  1. Download SD_Imortal_Fix.7z ( 1.1 KB )
  2. Load your immortal Character save.
  3. In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode on
  4. Save & exit the game
  5. Install and enable SD_Imortal_Fix.
  6. Load the save from #3
  7. In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode off
  8. Save & exit the game.
  9. Disable and uninstall SD_Imortal_Fix.
  10. Juan Ponce de León is very disappointed.

Q: Why don't I see the dance and prostitution options when talking to NPCs?

These two options are only available to you when you're enslaved. They're intended to be way of debasing yourself for cash in the hope of buying your freedom.


Q: Why am I not getting "naked" or "hate" comments from NPCs?

There's a possibility that the chance of a naked rape has been accidentally set to "0". The reasons that this might happen aren't entirely clear.

The fix:

-Open the console

-Enter: set _sd_naked_rape_chance to 25

(25 is an arbitrary number. Any number between 1 and 100 will set the chance of naked rape to its corresponding percentage. 25=25%, 50=50%, etc.)

-After the chance has been set away from "0", the naked and hate rape mechanics should progress and develop normally



Q: How does creature sex work with SD?


Short answer: It doesn't anymore. With the implementation of Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life, creature sex and rape-on-defeat were removed to clean up a series of potentially game-breaking issues.


Long answer: SD+ doesn't include creature sex anymore. If you'd like creature sex and combat rape to be possible in your game, SexLab Defeat is recommended as a mod to run alongside SD+ (See "Using SL Defeat with SD+" in the manual included in the D/L).


If you have Defeat installed:


First you need to have SexLab configured to allow creature sex. There is a menu option in SexLab's MCM menu that allows you to toggle creature animations on or off. Also, make sure you have FNIS Creature pack installed, which can be found in the optional files section, available where you download FNIS.


Once all of that is set up, there are some limits to creature interactions. Defeat will handle all of the rape possibilities with creatures, but it's possible that a given creature may not have an animation. In that case, they'll proceed to kill you, which will trigger a DAYMOYL Blackout Event (so long as "Creature Quests" are selected in the Death Alternative "OnBlackoutEvents" menu).


Q: I'm enslaved, and all of a sudden my camera seems locked into 3rd Person, how can I fix this?

This is a known quirk of some of the ZaZ punishment animations. It can be corrected a couple of ways.


If your hands are free ready a weapon and then sheathe it. Obviously, this can be a little tough if you're bound and can't ready weapons.


If your hands are bound, harass your master until they subject you to another punishment scene (whipping doesn't count, it needs to be another full punishment sequence). You can also sleep for awhile.


Depending on what you're able to do, these fixes should correct the problem.


Another option is to download the Customizable Camera listed in the Recommended Mods. This little mod will allow you some more freedom with your camera without needed to use TFC, which can be a tricky little function, and encourage the "stuck camera" problem.


Q: How can I get my master killed?

There are a few ways to dispatch your master. One is to lead them into combat with another NPC. Move toward a place where you might find a guard or a giant or some other character likely to be hostile to your master, and watch the fun. Be aware that some creatures and NPCs might be hostile to you, too, so you might be swapping one owner for another, or even offering yourself up as a free meal. Think it through!


Another option is to run SexLab Defeat or SexLab Submit in tandem with SD+ (SexLab Defeat is the recommended of the two). The settings in these mods allow you the chance to get the drop on your master and kill by him by surprise or in his sleep. If you do this, and he has friends around, you might be in a world of hurt...so tread lightly!


Any other mod that allows you the ability to make an unarmed kill on an NPC can function the same way, just watch out for potential conflicts in behavior between your chosen mod and SD+.


Q: Why is pickpocket success chance down to 0% when I'm enslaved?

Your bonds debuff your pickpocket ability pretty significantly. It makes sense that if your hands are tied behind you, you're not likely to be a wizard of quick fingers. If you're bound, and your master is awake and aware of you, you're probably going to see a 0% chance, even if you have pickpocket perks applied. Work toward earning the trust of your Master and getting your restraints removed. Also, wait until they sleep or are sufficiently distracted to try for the key.


Q: I can't complete the Indentured Servant quest

The Indentured Servant quests are timed, so you're not a liberty to dawdle when you set out to satisfy your master's requirements.


There is a known bug that makes the Indentured Servant quest non-repeatable, and sometimes end quite quickly. Currently, once it has been completed or ended in failure, it won't reoccur. Obviously, this is something that's being addressed.


Q: Why are my hands still bound during the Indentured Servant quest?

Your master's trust is based on a system of demerits. Being allowed to engage in an Indentured Servant quest isn't a guarantee that your master trusts you enough to release you from your restraints.


Q: I seem to have gained my Master's trust...why do I not have the option to join or leave?

You won't have the option to join your master or be set free until 3 days game time have passed.


Q: Why are NPCs refusing to release me from my chains after I escape?

Chains aren't something that just any person can remove. You need to find somebody with the tools required to manipulate them and get them off.

Also, while an NPC might be able to remove the chains (they have the tools) or your gags, blinders, and plugs (any NPC) there's a chance that they might not be willing to do so. Some would rather see you remain restrained, others aren't interested in the possibility of getting into hot water with your master.

This is all related to an individual NPC's morality.


You've only run into an actual bug if the NPC you've asked for help agrees to help you, but then nothing happens. In that case, post the circumstances to the thread so the issue might be resolved.


Q: Why are NPCs ignoring my request to have them as my new master?

Their willingness to take you as a slave is dependent on their morality. Just because you want them to be your master doesn't necessarily mean they'll take you.

Q: I am immortal. How do I fix that?

There are a few possibilities that can lead to bouts of immortality with SD+ and DAYMOYL. I've you've checked "Essential Player" in the DAYMOYL menu, you may find yourself immortal in combat if you begin another round of combat immediately after or very shortly after bleeding out or blacking out in your last combat.

You can reduce the odds of this happening by setting all of the "Bleedout Recovery" options in the DAYMOYL menu to as short a time as they allow.


If you're still having problems trying hitting "K". This will open a dialogue that will let you choose between resisting, submitting to your attacker, or being sent to the Dreamworld.

Resist triggers a "soft" reset of your controls and your essential status, this can "unstick" you if you're jammed in bleedout or not seeming to be effected by damage. Submitting to your attacker should manually trigger the blackout and subsequent events, and petitioning Saguine to go to the Dreamworld should send you there.


If you find yourself immortal outside of an active combat situation, ie you can jump from immense cliffs and not die, or trigger traps until you fall out of your chair with no repercussions:


Try jbezorg's immortality fix:

SD Immortality Fix

  1. Download SD_Imortal_Fix.7z ( 1.1 KB )
  2. Load your immortal Character save.
  3. In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode on
  4. Save & exit the game
  5. Install and enable SD_Imortal_Fix.
  6. Load the save from #3
  7. In console: Use TIM on the player to Toggle Immortal Mode off
  8. Save & exit the game.
  9. Disable and uninstall SD_Imortal_Fix.
  10. Juan Ponce de León is very disappointed.

IF YOU'RE RUNNING FROSTFALL. A setting has been added to the SD menu: "Frostfall Mortality". Select this option, otherwise you'll find yourself immortal any time you're cold.


If you still find yourself immortal (you find that you can't die, become enslaved, or be sent to Dreamworld) there's something amiss that will require a look at your Papyrus logs, your load order, etc. There's also a possibility that your save has become corrupted. There's also also a possibility that own of your other mods might be causing the immortality issue.


In general, with a complex mod of this type, it's a good habit to save often. Sometimes, the way to correct weird problems (like immortality) is to revert to an earlier save where the problem hadn't presented itself. If you have saves spaced out evenly and frequently, you run less of a risk of losing lots of progress if you happen to run into a deeply rooted problem.


Q: You said something about Papyrus logs. How do I do that?

Go to Libraries\Documents\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim and open Skyrim.ini with notepad or another text editor.


Look for the follow section:


fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=500.0 <---Don't worry about this line.





Now edit the last three values to "1" so that the code looks like this:


fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=500.0 <---Again, leave this line alone, it may be different in your .ini





Save the changes and close the file. You've now enabled Papyrus logging. When you next run the game, a log will be generated. To view the log, go back to Libraries\Documents\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim. You should now see a folder labelled "Logs". Open this folder, then open "Scripts". You'll see a file labelled "Papyrus.0". This is your most recent log. As you generate more logs by playing, the most recent log will always be "Papyrus.0", older logs will be automatically renamed "Papyrus.1", "Papyrus.2" etc. in order of their age.



-Within MO, click on the Tools icon (the one that looks like a puzzle).

-Click on "Ini Editor".

-Now find the Papyrus section of the file and edit the values as shown above.


If you're using Mod Organizer, editing Skyrim.ini manually as shown above won't work. Running Skyrim from MO will overwrite the manually edited .ini with the version that MO has saved. So you need to change the Skyrim.ini settings within MO as just described.

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