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Newb at modding



Hi, so i'm new to instalking mods been doing it a week or so but i'm havving issues figuring it out and added ore mods, now everythings messed up. I load in my game for skyrim and any animation with sexlab or such make them all covered in muliti colored blocks and stuff or after a while it just crashes or wont load at all, any tips?
My mods list is down below thanka for any help

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This is not the place for that : please post that king of messages in the skhyrim technical problems forum.


Where is your mod list ?


Try to solve the problem : disable all the mod.

Open CK, check all the mods needs in the loading window.


If it's ok, enable one mod, launch skyrim. If it's work, exit, enable one more mod, launch skyrim, etc... so, you'll find the problematic mods.

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