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Basically despite my sort of meltdown when it comes to Skyrim (given that it kept crashing) I can understand people being skeptical about it but I wanted to continue Storm's story (which I started a while back but due to various issues never finished the first chapter) however I'm having one fairly big issue with that due to the fact that everything on the HDD keep my backups on got deleted (my own fault really, I wanted to delete a few unnecessary things, accidentally highlighted more than I meant to and said yes when my laptop offered to outright delete everything rather than send it to the recycling bin shows what happens when I do things while tired) and when I deleted my data folder to try and solve the issues I was having with the game never made a backup for my racemenu presets (admittedly I thought they where kept somewhere else and had forgotten about the deleting of my aforementioned backups) so now I need to find some way of getting Storm's face from one of my old saves (which I can't load due to it missing a fuck ton of masters) onto the new one which is difficult given that facegen exchange doesn't work for Skyrim so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them (and this time I'll keep Storm's face backed up somewhere safe.) This is literally so I can continue the story I started.


The picture for this has nothing to do with any of that, it just serves as something you can look at while reading about my fuckups. It's pretty much just Cris and Shadow with the DMRA body purely because I wanted to see what they would look like with it.


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