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Riann Delisle




Born in 4e173, Riann's beginnings were as a servant girl in the bustling city of Daggerfall. She worked for a kindly master of somewhat high political standing and prepared food for many influential figured in the political scene. Her favorite thing to do was cook, and she took great pride in her ability.





As often happened in Daggerfall, political machinations saw fit to put a knife in her kindly employer's back, both figuratively and literally. After his assassination, Riann found herself seeking a new job. Some were interested in hiring her, remembering her cooking, but she never really liked any of them and turned their offers down. She wound up going to work for a mysterious elderly woman that had often visited her old employer and had always been nice to her. The old woman took notice of her talent with food and convinced her to try alchemy. Discovering she enjoyed that as well, she grew skilled quickly and was soon mixing potions as well as she mixed stews.





One evening, the old woman revealed a secret to Riann - she was a witch of coven Glenmoril, and had been giving her old employer advice through divination. She had warned Riann's old employer of the assassination attempt, but his preparations were not enough to prevent it. She revealed that her scrying had hinted as a hidden potential in Riann, and so she sought her out. At first, Riann wasn't sure how to take all of this, but the more the old woman told and showed her, the more curious she became, until finally she decided to become the old woman's apprentice. And not a moment too soon, for as soon as she began her training, the old woman's health began to fail.





Though she struggled initially with magic, she excelled as alchemical witchcraft. When the day of her final test came, the two traveled to a shrine far in the wilderness, where several other Glenmoril witches were gathered. They were there to perform a ritual to mark the passing of their beldam - their leader. With a heavy heart, Riann lead the ritual, and the old woman died. Riann had passed her final test and was formally welcomed into the Glenmoril coven. Though the beldam had favored her to take her place eventually, she would need much more experience and would have to grow greatly in power to take her place. Riann accepted this as her duty, and set out to make her master proud.





To this end, she traveled to Skyrim. The Glenmoril are tied to Hircine, and it was here she heard Hircine's call the loudest. She seeks to learn everything she can about the witches' arts, taking every opportunity to study and learn, letting nothing stand in her way.


(Nude and naughty into under the spoiler!)


Riann is a passionate lover and greatly enjoys sex, but due to her personal quest, she has little time for sexual encounters.


Riann has participated in sexual rituals as a part of her practices as a witch, which was also how she lost her virginity. Her partners were mostly Glenmoril warlocks, but she has also performed sexual rituals with woman, and once with a wolf.


Though she has not particularly strong fetishes, she tends to prefer taking the lead in her sexual encounters, and enjoys teasing and enticing her partners for drawn out periods before finally making love.


In spite of the previous fact, Riann actually dislikes showy clothes. Teasing a partner is great, but she feels her body should only be seen by those she would allow to enjoy her completely, and not for the eyes of some stranger.


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