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Flame-Child: Part Two Chapter Two: Trials (Part Two)



Flame-Child: Part Two
Chapter Two: Trials (Part Two)


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Part One:


Returning from another mercenary mission, Niyleen tried to enter Wormstone Lair without alerting anyone of her presence.
(So Telind’s asleep and Nyleine’s…) She looked over towards her sister working over the alchemy table and frowned. (Is she really going to act like what happened the other day just didn’t… happen? I… I can take this…)
“Trying to sneak in again Sister?”
Niyleen’s thoughts were interrupted by her sister’s words. “N-n-no! I was just… I mean I thought you’d be—”
“Be? What? Sleeping?” Nyleine giggled. “Big Sis, even when you sneak in when I’m sleeping I can feel you. I may not be able to read your thoughts any longer, but I can still sense your presence when you’re near.”


“I…I’m sorry about that,” Niyleen said with downcast eyes.


“Nonsense! I wanted, I WANT this. Things happen that can’t be helped Sis. Anyway, come over here,” Nyleine said gesturing her over. “I don’t want to wake Telind. He seemed rather tired before I told him to rest.”
Reluctantly, Niyleen made her way over to her sister but kept her distance when she finally made it over. “So… is there more you wanted to talk about?”


So she’s still worried about affecting me. So silly. “Not really,” Nyleine said with a smile. “I just wanted to have you by my side as I made another poison. Telind is quite the durable guinea pig. What is this, the thirty second poison-antidote combination I’ve come up with? Ah! No wonder he was so weary. Poor guy…”
“Aren’t we going to talk about it?”


“What are you talking about, Sis?”


“The fact… I tried to kill you the other day and you just laughed it off! How am I supposed to deal with that!?”
Poor sis… “It’s not a big deal. I mean, I know it’s not normal, but I know where you’re coming from.”


“Y-you know… what!?”


Nyleine walked away from the alchemy table with a smile. “It’s only natural for us sister. Subconsciously we both want to be whole, want to be complete one hundred percent of the time, and with you nearing that point it makes sense that the urge to be whole would get stronger. So like I said, not a big deal.”
I hope that’s a satisfactory answer for you sister. “So is that’s all that’s bothering you Sis?” Nyleine turned and smiled. “Or is there something else little sister can do for you?”

(This is insane… there’s no way she wants this… I’m… I’m…) “This isn’t right…”




“This whole thing… it’s like you’re telling me that it’s okay for me to kill you… Like you want me to kill you…”


“It’s okay,” Nyleine said her smile still on her face. “I mean we were originally one right? What’s the problem with going back to how things were?”
Something about her words struck a chord deep within Niyleen. “That’s not right! That’s not what a normal sister would say! You should be like I don’t want to die, please don’t kill me! Why have you given up? Why have you resigned yourself to die by my hand! I can’t… I can’t—”
“You don’t need to understand Niyleen. I’ve done plenty of bad things in my life. I’ve tortured people, played with their lives, killed people, killed our father, and in the end I can honestly say I regret nothing.” Nyleine turned from her sister. “Hearing that do you honestly believe a monster like me deserves to continue living? You should be happy that I want to die, and should be thankful that it’s by your hands that you can stop such a foul person.”


“I… I would never feel that way. I…” Niyleen paused. Killing she understood. She’d killed before, and even though others wouldn’t always see it as such she had always killed in order to survive and never regretted a single time she had killed of her own volition. But those other things… “I-I understand,” Niyleen said, her voice shaking. “S-sometimes we do things in haste that we know are wrong but—”
“Haste? Do you want to hear a story?” She did not wait for Niyleen to answer. “I once attended the College of Winterhold, and after three months of study realized they had nothing for me there to enhance my knowledge of the necromantic arts. Just as I was about to drop out, a girl approached me and said she was going to report me for my usage of dark magics. Not wanting to leave behind a trace, I killed her and was about to make my exit when I remembered that Bienlyn—that was the girl’s name—had a boyfriend that she swore was madly in love with her. Killing her was done in haste. I could have just ran and become a defamed mage, but what I did next was nothing more than cold, slow, and deliberate.


“I decided to make her into a thrall, akin to what I did to Telind. I had heard of a spell that required two black soul gems, a heart of the race of the one becoming a thrall, a substantial amount of my Magicka pool, and of course the right incantation. Luckily, being the prepared necromancer that I was, I easily performed the spell and Bienlyn was alive again. Then I gave her a few tasks that she was bound to by magic: one, she had to refrain from doing ANYTHING that would give her away as to being a thrall, two, she had to continue her relationship with her boyfriend and act like she knew nothing of me whatsoever, three, if she felt like her boyfriend was about to explicitly say that he loved her she HAD to stop him from saying it, and lastly, if somehow he said that magic phrase then she was to respond in turn by saying ‘I love you too,’ followed by her kissing him passionately and then killing him in the most painful and excruciatingly slowly way possible.”


“W-w-wha… why!?” Niyleen shouted. “No, before that, what’s this got to do with the here and now? He probably said ‘I love you’ in like a week and then you bailed. You fucked a few people over in your past, big deal! That doesn’t mean that you have to—”
“I was at the College for a year and six months total. Let that sink in.”


“Okay and?” Niyleen said not getting it yet. “It doesn’t matter you still shouldn’t be willing to… didn’t you say you were ready to leave after three months.”


Nyleine nodded. “I watched and waited as that dumb boy made out and had sex with his dead girlfriend for over a year and three months. And I laughed. I laughed every day until he finally decided to just blurt the words out without any kind of forewarning and then the true fun began,” Nyleine said bitterly.


“What… what did you do…”


“Well… it happened on the same day I was going to bail from the College anyway, talking about timing huh? I… Bienlyn was already at the killing stage when I caught them. Her boyfriend was confused and cried out for me and I did just as I had done for the last year and three months, I laughed. Oh I laughed and laughed as the love struck boy was killed by his undead girlfriend. Then I laughed as I joined in on the killing and used Restoration magic to prolong the torture… I tortured that idiot for hours before I finally put him out of my misery.”
Don’t you see now Sis? I really am a monster. So stop worrying about me… Nyleine faced her sister with a smile. I did that. You can feel my emotions, hear my thoughts, I have no regrets about what I did, because it helped me become a better necromancer. Everything I did up until I killed father is the same. So if I finally want to help someone out and the price is my death I’ll gladly do it, especially if it benefits my Big Sis.”
“Even…even if this is all true… just how… how…” Niyleen grabbed at her head and felt lightheaded. “Y-you’re right. I feel what you feel, I know what you think. Even so, I’m your Big Sister! I can’t just sit back and let you become some sacrifice regardless of your past!” Niyleen didn’t know where these words were coming from, but they definitely represented how she felt.
Nyleine kept the cheesy smile on her face. “Then let me break it to you like father told me, maybe this will help you understand Sis. I am nothing more, than half a filled soul gem, a collection of various child and animal parts, a piece of your hair, and a very powerful and old necromantic spell. I could make me if I wanted.”


Niyleen went pale. “But you called me sister… you told me—”


“I just wanted to fulfill my selfish wish to have a family. I had you as the older sister, father’s soul as… well, the father, Telind as… well Telind’s kinda like a pet… It felt good. And in this dingy little lair, I had found a place that I could finally call… home.” And now that’s over.
“It doesn’t have to be! I don’t care if we’re not technically sisters I don’t want to kill you I don’t—!!”


Nyleine closed her eyes, knelt in front of her, and raised her head. “I get weaker by the second being near you, and yet I selfishly want to stay near you. I want to spend more time with you. Even if it hurts you, even if it tears at your heart. I am cruel Niyleen. I’m a cruel bitch that wants to die. So let me. Put me out of my misery”
(But I…)


Just do it. Naga said her voice booming throughout Niyleen’s head.


Please Niyleen.


Kill this bitch and become whole!


I beg of you…


Niyleen let out an angry scream and then unsheathed her sword. “This is what you both want? Then fine! I hate you Nyleine, I hate you with every fiber in my being right now.”


I know you’re lying sister. I love you too. “That’s fine.”
Niyleen knelt down before her Nyleine and said, “Are you sure about this? There’s still time to back out from this.”


Stop talking and just kill her before you pussy out!
Silly girl. I’m too late for saving. “This is the path I’ve chosen. In a few moments we’ll finally be whole. I regret nothing…”
Unable to bear seeing the life being taken from a face so similar to hers, Niyleen went behind Nyleine and before she took her swing Nyleine turned her head and with a bright smile said, “Thank you for everything… Sis…”
(You said it yourself I’m not your sister…) Niyleen shrugged off Nyleine’s words and swung at her head. Just as she was about to do it, something in her stopped her and it was as if time froze and in this frozen piece of Nirn a familiar voice that didn’t belong to Niyleen, Nyleine, Telind or Nega screamed out to Niyleen saying, “LISTEN!”


Just as Niyleen did so, her head was flooded with wave after wave of Nyleine’s thoughts.


Please don’t kill me! I love you Big Sis. I don’t want to die. I’ll always be with you. Complete, I wonder if it feels better than these past weeks did… Please Sis, make me stop saying these things! I’m so glad it’s you who ends my miserable existence. Make me want to live! I wanted to be a family just a bit longer… I knew this was always my fate. HELP ME SIS!! Niyleen, I hope you find your friends… I WANT TO LIVE!! So this is the end. I’m scared… In the end, I’m all alone… Save me Big Sister… Save me Niyleen… SAVE ME!!!
Time unfroze and Niyleen threw herself back as hard as she could and avoided cutting more than a few strands of Nyleine’s hair.


S-she stopped!?! “A-a practice swing?”


Niyleen’s heart was pounding so hard she thought it was literally going to break free from her chest. (What the hell is wrong with me!!! How could I be so cold? So—) Niyleen shook her head reminded herself that none of this was about her. It was about Nyleine. It was about her sister.
“C-come on already. Do not wimp out on me now Niyleen!”


(I don’t know who or what did that, but thank you so much.) Niyleen went over to her sister’s side, grab her by the head and lightly kissed her on the forehead.


“W-w-ww-w-w-w-ww-ut?!? What are you doing!? K-k-k-kill me! Kill me now!!” Gods, this is embarrassing.
“Shut up and deal with it,” Niyleen said firmly, but lovingly. “I’m the Big Sister after all. That means I have to protect you, and if that means protecting you from yourself or even me, I’ll make sure I do so.”


“B-b-but I’m a monster! I should die! I should—”


Niyleen could see the tears coming from her sister’s eyes and gently tightened her embrace. “You were young, dumb, and in desperate need for approval. You were alone, raised by a man that wanted perfection and expected nothing less. You are my darkness and I am your light. Together we are stronger than we’d ever be separate.” She gently stroked her sister’s hair and kissed her on the forehead. “It’s okay to be vulnerable Nyleine, it’s okay to do some bad from time to time. Nobody is perfect. It’s fine to not be strong all the time. You are not alone anymore. You have Big Sis to rely on from now on, so…” Just let go.


Why are you okay with me? My past? Why are you… Nyleine must have somehow heard her because she took a sigh of relief, closed her eyes, and just let out all of her emotions in one full go.
With this new step into deepening their sisterly bond, the two sisters laughed cried and embraced one another as emotions neither sister imagined began to surface.


However, even with this new development everything was still not as it seemed…
“H-hey there! Calm down Sis,” Niyleen said as Nyleine squeezed her tightly around her waist. “I know I said to just let go, but I… can’t… breathe…”


You’re such a bad liar. I KNOW how someone sounds when they can’t breathe. “Aww you’re no fun,” Nyleine said playfully while loosening her grip on her sister. “Just admit that you were embarrassed.”


(Keep your cool. Keep your cool!) Niyleen felt her face warm up. “Pshaw! M-me? Embarassed? I’m Flame-Child! The—”


“..Raging Inferno of the Reach, I know I know. I was embarrassed too.”
“Get off me you idiot!” Niyleen said as she lightheartedly pushed Nyleine off of her.


“Nuh-uh. I’m never letting you go Big Sis,” Nyleine said joyfully as she squeezed her slightly tighter.


“Gods help! She’s got me in a vice…”


“I see that you two are doing well.”
“Oh! Hey Telind.” His wasn’t a face she wanted to see right now, but with her sister wrapped around her, it’d have to do. “This… I can’t even begin to explain how we ended up like this considering how we both had been acting lately.”


“Why isn’t she dead…”


“What was that? I didn’t hear you all that well.”
“Mistress said I’d finally be free…”


“Nyleine did? But aren’t you her thrall? Wouldn’t you like… die if that happened?”


“Mistress freed me, Mistress led me….” His voice was getting louder with every word, yet Niyleen still had no idea what was going on.
“Calm down sage. Nyleine never said anything like—”


“Why is that bitch still alive?!” Telind narrowed his eyes and glared at Nyleine. “Why didn’t you kill her? You useless waste of space!!”
“What in Oblivion has gotten into you thrall,” Niyleen said as she held her sister tighter to her. “I won’t let anything happen to you, okay,” she whispered softly to her sister. Nyleine nodded and burrowed her dead into Niyleen’s chest.
“What’s gotten into me?” Telind took a step towards them and cracked his neck. “I remember how we met. How she enticed me, told me all sorts of things while getting me liquored up so that I wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight when she killed me.”


“You’ve been hers for months now! Why are you bringing this up now?”


“Are you saying that an undead should not feel fury, rage, wrath towards the person who killed them?” Telind began to snarl as he spoke. “I’ve wanted to kill this cowardly bitch every day, but was bound to stay loyally by her side like the pet she thinks I am. WELL NO MORE! My new Mistress has released those bonds and all that’s left, is your death necromancer!”
Niyleen pushed her sister off of her, rose to her feet and drew her blade.


“Oh what are you doing now? You’re seriously going to protect that murderer right there!? You’ve heard the acts she’s capable of! How can you defend… that?”


“Niyleen…” Don’t abandon me… not now...
(I won’t, that I promise.) “Yeah she’s murdered some people, and done despicable acts that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around…”


Nyleine’s eyes widened in horror. N-no… Niy… Big Sis…


“So why are you protecting trash like that? Step aside and let me have my vengeance!!”
“Trash? You think murdering someone makes you trash?”


“It makes you worse than trash.”


“I see…” Niyleen glared at the Altmer and raised his blade to him. “You not only insult my sister, and my entire family but you prove to be a hypocrite as well. Other than the Forsworn and the Silver-Bloods, that’s the one thing I can’t stand.”
“Makes sense that trash would pile together,” Telind said unflinching. “But do you really think you wanna go again? I let you beat me last time.”


“That’s what a loser always says. Besides, now that you’re after my sister, I don’t have to hold back anymore.”
Telind fell into an offensive stance of his own. “You don’t get it. I am dead, which means I have full access the all the power in my body. I have no inhibitions, and no qualms about beating the face in of my Mistress as an appetizer before the main course.”


A grin appeared on Niyleen’s face. “I may not have a side in that idiotic Civil War, but oh how I’ll enjoy beating the shit out of you Altmer.”
“But… can we move over to the center of the room? I’d like to not get Nyleine involved as of right now.”


I can’t believe you’re still thinking about me through all of this… I don’t deserve this kindness…
“Fine Redguard,” Telind said with disdain. “Doesn’t matter where I defeat you. Plus you can’t make any excuses when you’re down on your back looking up at me with weak tear stained eyes.”
After a slight relocation, Telind and Niyleen stared each other down for a while before the Altmer said, “Well what are we waiting for? What? Are you cowardly like your incompetent sister over there? She couldn’t kill you and you her.”
Niyleen shook her head and threw her sword to the ground finally garnering a reaction she wanted from the Altmer, shock.


“Are you insane? I’m not going to go easy on you!”


“Easy? On me?” Niyleen smirked and put her fists up. “You’re not Eolri, you’re not Nanae, you’re not the voice in my head, and you’re not either of my parents. You’re a weak little dead thrall that thinks its balls are bigger than its head. So undead or not, I’m ending you right now!”
“Terrible choice for last words…”Ch24p2_048.jpg



Part Two:




The two of them charged at each other, Telind taking to the air and Niyleen sticking to the ground. (Stupid thrall…) Although impressed with the Altmer’s brashness, head had too many openings from which to exploit. (This’ll be a cakewalk.)
“Wai-what!? Where’d you go, coward?!” When Telind landed his fist caught nothing and Niyleen was nowhere to be seen. Ch24p2_050.jpg
(Let’s end this) Niyleen circled around Telind waiting for the perfect moment to strike…
Which came when Telind turn toward her and she caught him with a raising kick to the face that spun the Altmer before felling him.
When he rose to his feet, Telind tried to trade punches with Niyleen but for each he threw, she connected with two in return. This continued until Telind when all-in with a wild haymaker that Niyleen countered with a flawless hook straight on the jaw. While he was dazed, Niyleen quickly followed that up with a vicious roundhouse kick that was succeeded by a jumping knee all to his face. And once again Telind was laid out on the ground.Ch24p2_056.jpg






“What happened to all that ‘her-der I have full access the all the power in my body’ crap,” Niyleen taunted as Telind continued to lie there motionlessly. “Going easy on me... I’M the one that should have held back!”
Telind took a deep gasp for air and looked at Niyleen like head seen a ghost. “This… this can’t be happening!? I’m not supposed to lose! Mistress said… MISTRESS SAID—”
“You have no ‘Mistress,’” Niyleen said as she looked down a how pathetic he was acting. “The only thing you have is a beat down coming to you if you ever step to me or my sister ever again!”
“No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Boethiah, you told me everything would go as planned! Have you forsaken me? Have I done something out of line?”


(Boethiah?) Niyleen looked over to her sister who simply shook her head.
As Telind continued to spit out unintelligible words, Niyleen walked over to him and said, “What’s this about Boethiah? What connection do you have to the Prince of Plots?”
She waited for his reply but only more unintelligible garble and the occasional Boethiah were what she received. (Surely he’s in shock, but even for someone like him this is a bit… much.)
Fed up with this nonsense, Niyleen shouted, “Look here Altmer! I don’t care about your fantasized relationship with a Daedric Prince, but I beat your ass handedly now get out of my sight before I pound you into dust!”
“Boethiah I need you now! Please! Goddess of Destruction, Deceiver of Nations, Queen of Shadows, I need your help!”


Niyleen cracked her knuckles. “That’s it, I’ve had it with your shit! You better start praying to Boethiah now for protection because I’m about to—”
“Haaa… Your plight is amusing, though your executions thus far were less than satisfactory…”


“Boethiah!?” Niyleen and Telind said simultaneously.
Nilyeen knelt down next to Telind and said, “By the Nine… You idiot! You actually made contact with a Daedric Prince!? Are you mad?”


“Ha! Hahahaaha! Mad? No, I will beat you now! I will show you just how powerful I truly am!!”
“So you have fight still in you, undead? Then my presence her is meaningless! Why does thou waste my time?”


“Nononono! I-I need you Mistress! I need your assistance please aid me!”


Niyleen’s eyes widened. “Y-you fool! It doesn’t matter how much you beg! She’s playing you. Stop this nonsense and get out of—”
“Assistance you say? Then I shall give you my boon, undead. Show these mortals that never again will Boethiah name be drug through the dirt. Show me your resolve…”


“Y-yes… Mistress.”
(This damn idiot!) Niyleen reached out to grab Telind when suddenly she was flung through the air across the room, hitting the back of her head on the wall and momentarily knocking her out.Ch24p2_072.jpg


When Niyleen came to, she felt weak and shaky. (Did I get hit by a giant?) She thought while trying to focus her vision.
“Yes… YES! This is what I wanted! This power! I FEEL ALIVE!!” Telind laughed manically.
“I could take down an army! No, I could singlehandedly destroy both sides of the Civil War and still have more than enough power left to kill you two. This is my power! MINE!!”
“He’s high on power like I was that time…” Niyleen said as she slowly got up and made her way towards Telind.
“Aha! And here she is, the woman of the hour! Thank you for allowing me to harness this strength. Aha! I couldn’t have done it without you.”


“Tsk, no problem…”


Telind slowly lowered himself to the ground and glowered at her. “Sarcasm. That’s no way to talk to your superior and better!”




“Maybe I’ll have to teach you a thing or two about respect you low life creature.”


Niyleen looked up at the energy charged Telind and smirked as she saw him leap into the air and try to attack her once again. (Heh, again he’s coming at me with this dumb attack. Doesn’t he know that I’ll just—)
She took a step back, but was still struck in the face so hard that she flipped a couple of times in the air before landing face first in the dirt.


(I thought I dodged that! Did I misjudge the distance?) Tring to get up she elbowed something sharp. (And now I’m cutting myself on my sword… Get back in the game Niyleen!!!)Ch24p2_081.jpg


Niyleen heard Telind walk over towards her and rolled her eyes inwardly. (This is going to be annoying isn’t it…)


“Aww… is the older sister all tuckered out now? Does she need a widdle nap?”


(…Julianos, give me strength.)
“AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Did you really think you could beat me?” Telind said looking down at Niyleen in disdain. “I’m undead, all-powerful, an Altmer, and simply stronger than you and your feeble sister combined, merged or whatever you idiots were trying to do by killing each other.” Telind looked toward Nyleine and licked his lips. “Maybe after I grind your face in, I’ll take my time with your sister. I’ll finally get my hands on her and before I slit her throat, I’d like to, ehe, let her have a feel of my superiority. Eheheheeeh… AHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!”
“Get up Niyleen. I know you can win…” Because if you don’t… I don’t know if I’m physically strong enough to take him…
(That’s not even a problem Sis.) Niyleen looked up and saw that Telind was still laughing his head off completely unaware of her. Slowly she grabbed her sword and transferred it to her right hand. Shen then looked up again. (Still laughing I see? Ignorant little man.) Then Niyleen sprang to her feet and before anyone could blink, delivered a multitude of slashes across Telind’s stomach before he could flinch.Ch24p2_086.jpg


“W-what was that? I feel… weird…”
“That was the feeling of defeat… again,” Niyleen said knowing she had won.


“Y-you bitch what did you do to me!?!”


“There was only one person that ever defeated this technique, sadly that person is dead now,” Niyleen said with pain in her voice. “But as long as I remember her teachings there’s no one that I can’t beat. You said you were all powerful, but once again you were just all talk.”
“Ravager Style Secret Technique Number 568: Hurricane of the Daedra Slayer.” (I hate you so much Eolri…) She sighed and sheathed her sword. “Back to dust.”


“GGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” All at once, Telind felt the effects of Niyleen’s attack and fell to his feet as his shrieks flooded the lair.
“Boethiah…” he said weakly. “I’ve…. Failed…”
(Dammit little sis, you’ve got to make your thralls less durable.) She rubbed the back of her head and once she saw Boethiah’s boon begin to dissipate she walked over towards Nyleine.
“I told you Sis,” Niyleen said with a bright smile. “I’m going to always protect you no matter what. So just count on me from now on.”


“Big Sis…” I’m so glad this is over now…
“So do you want to go eat anywhere later?” Niyleen asked “It’ll be my treat, plus we need to get out of this dingy lair from time to time just to, ya know, stretch our legs.”


I’d like to try some Whiterun delicacies… “Um… t-that’s alright. Besides, you’ve got to be tired with all the—”


Niyleen have her a thumbs up. “Okay Whiterun it is! I’ve heard there are some amazing meals menu items at—”
“Niyleen! BEHIND YOU!!!” N-no! It’s not over yet!!
“Is this a joke? What do you mean it’s not…” Niyleen turned around and came face to face with the Mer she had just all but killed. However, he was now fully armored and wielding a giant blade that he was currently holding above his head.


“Did you miss me,” Telind said in a voice that sounded ethereal.
Niyleen was frozen. “H-how? I killed you!”


“And people should die when they’re killed?” He said smugly.

“Well you forgot that I’m your sister’s thrall, blessed by the Goddess of Destruction, and currently…”
“… THE VICTOR!” He said as he brought his sword down. Niyleen tried to block it but it was no use, Telind broke her guard, slashed her across the torso and watched as the Redguard’s blood began to pool around her.







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