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I got sick for a while (also no internet)

Storms of Superior


So. Here I am once again. Recently I found myself without internet. Also, recently, I found myself to be too sick to stay out of bed when i was off work. This has cut me off from being able to work on anything. I thought I had something going on with this script that I'm trying to put together, but I lost the thread by which I was thinking. My brain is like that; I have some brain damage.


Now I have another shot, but I'm again in need of guidance; I can learn if I produce something myself, but I can't learn this kind of thing without someone to stick with me. It's like some fool opens the Hoover Dam completely every time it's almost full; I never quite reach the full capacity on my own. I have come so close several times, but no cigar.


So, now that I've come out and said that I have this specific difficulty, I would like to ask for someone to help with this script (which will likely require many questions and back and forth messaging). I have patience. I can do this, but understanding won't come without help, since this doesn't come naturally to me.


So, that said, I have the example script that I grabbed from the CK Wiki. I understand that it doesn't do anything, but, among my questions is, should I be able to make it work without completely rewriting it?


ScriptName RepeatableSummonEffectScript extends ActiveMagicEffect


Actor Property YourSummonREF Auto ; An ObjectReference will also work with the summon function


Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
Summon(akCaster, YourSummonREF)


; GetFormFromFile below to enable 'Global' flag
Function Summon(ObjectReference akSummoner = None, ObjectReference akSummon = None, Float afDistance = 150.0, Float afZOffset = 0.0, ObjectReference arPortal = None, Int aiStage = 0) Global
While aiStage < 6
aiStage += 1
If aiStage == 1 ; Shroud summon with portal
arPortal = akSummon.PlaceAtMe(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0007CD55, "Skyrim.ESM")) ; SummonTargetFXActivator disables and deletes itself shortly after stage 5
ElseIf aiStage == 2 ; Disable Summon
ElseIf aiStage == 3 ; Move portal in front of summoner
arPortal.MoveTo(akSummoner, Math.Sin(akSummoner.GetAngleZ()) * afDistance, Math.Cos(akSummoner.GetAngleZ()) * afDistance, afZOffset)
ElseIf aiStage == 4 ; Move summon to portal
ElseIf aiStage == 5 ; Enable summon as the portal dissipates


It seems as though I know what the script does by reading it, but it just doesn't want to translate into knowing for sure.


Something that is worth noting: CPU has stated that I have to make the "YourSummonReference" a valid actor. It's actually odd that in my experimentation, I actually made an actor that should be the door that I want to summon. I also understand that I can't use the term "YourSummonReference."


So, if anyone does want to take up the challenge, it may be best to ask me questions; I find that others tend to ask about things that I haven't thought about, or that I forgot to consider.


Thanks, as usual for taking the time to read my blog, and have a warm day.


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Maybe it would be better to call the blog "need help with a script for mod / idea" and explain what it is about. Not that a capable person will only take it, if the bait smells good. But one needs to be lured here - and that might go better with a more suitable blog tittle.


Besides that, welcome back - hope you're better. And, unfortunately, I don't one word of what you describe as problem :(

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Thanks, both of you. I'm recovered. As far as not understanding the problem is concerned, it's difficult to explain adequately. I'm guessing that someone here can understand it.

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