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I'm spicing things up a bit ( soon ).



So as some of you who follow my work \ youtube channel may know, I recently decided to make my videos a bit nicer. My first step was to just learn how to splice the video together and do transitions and swipes, something you can see in the last 2 videos I posted. Well today I worked on adding Audio into it. Not just audio from say music, or sound clips, but my own voice, and not just MY own voice, but I also learned how to make it so both myself and my wife could comment in real time on my videos. This took a LOT of work, as you can imagine, but it will allow me to come up with some really great and in depth videos in the future.


There is more then one reason I did this. See, I spend most all my free time, and as a stay at home Dad I have a LOT of free time with both kids now in school, doing nothing but modding Skyrim. I don't have a license, we only have one car, and well, a shit ton of people use my mod(s). I know Papyrus almost in and out, I know the Creation Kit like the back of my hand, I know NifSkope like I know the wrinkles on my own dick ( I.E : pretty well but I could probably study it a lot closer :P ). My point? I kinda want to get paid for the shit I do, like my sister does. Now, don't get ahead of yourself and think I am going to start charging for my mods, that will NEVER happen. I can't even ask for donations through Paypal on LL because it is an " adult entertainment" site as far as paypal is concerned and so they won't let me. HOWEVER, what I CAN do, and have been giving some major thought to for a while now, is do some " Let's Play " videos on YouTube or some such. With enough views \ likes, I can apply for revenue through ads from google on Youtube, and make a small amount of money off the viewers that come and watch my videos.


The first one I have planned, though not a " Let's Play ", is an in depth review of Celestials V7, what I've done, and what I am working on. While I am not expecting a metric fuckton of viewers on it, it will be a good test of my abilities, and also allow me for the first time to go in depth with one of my sneak peaks. Only thing I am worried about is my mic quality. It's not super great, but not horrible either ( USB headset mic ).


Long story short, expect a video soon of a more in depth look at the upcoming Celestials v7, with audio commentary from me, and a first hand look at how I create \ play \ balance my mods.


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