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Changing Plug Slots



I have written a FO4Edit script which can be used to bulk change the slot number the plugs use if for some reason the slot numbers I am releasing are not good enough for you. It is attached to this post. Open the ZIP and put the PAS file into your "FO4Edit\Edit Scripts" folder.


However you need to understand how the equipment slot system works and be able to intelligently choose a slot number that you are not already using. You cannot just pick any slot you want because your clothes, armors, helmets, etc, all use slots as well. Some backpacks on Nexus are using 56 for example which means equipping a slot 56 plug against a slot 56 bag will conflict.


1) Start FO4Edit and open dcc-bp-lol.esp only.


Right click in the list and say "Select None" then tick Plugs of the Commonwealth (dcc-bp-lol.esp)




2) Open apply the script DCC - PotC - Slot Changer to dcc-bp-lol.esp


Right click dcc-bp-lol.esp and choose Apply Script.




Then select DCC - PotC - Slot Changer from the drop down of the script dialog.




3) Enter the slot number you want.


The only valid equipable slot numbers are 30-61, and most of them are already in use by other things. You really do not want to dick with any of the slot numbers lower than 54 as most of those are in use by vanilla assets. Once you have thoughtfully selected your slot number hit OK and it will edit the ESP for you.






4) Save the ESP.


This part is a little weird. FO4Edit does this thing where it saves an ESP beside your ESP instead of overwriting it at first.


To start with hit CTRL+S then hit OK.




You will see in your data folder that now there are two ESP, one is a weird backup with the current date, and the original with the old date. So right now, you haven't actually successfully saved your changes. You cannot start FO4 and go see it yet.




Close FO4Edit.


Closing FO4Edit causes it to take the latest version and finally overwrite the original ESP. But here is the weird as fuck thing about FO4Edit. You may notice that the Date Modified still has not changed. Yet the changes are totally in there.




Even though that date never changed, you should be good to play now.



This will have caused the ESP to be removed from the mod folder in MO2\Mods to your actual Fallout 4 Data dir. I suggest you go to FO4 Data, drag it back to the proper mod folder, hit the data tab in MO2, and hit Refresh, before starting the game.

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Hi @darkconsole, thanks so much for making this mod and posting this guide! I can't find the script to download though, and it's not included with the main mod. Are you able to re upload it? Thanks!

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