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  1. Where? I found four lever each for a cell. one at training cell also for a cell.
  2. need serious help. cant find gas deactivate button.
  3. Make creatures docile. they will not attack back when provoked instead run away or not fight back.
  4. Bug. MCM option for slaves are gone! only option there is rename. teleport thingi are gone.
  5. Curfew should not be optional instead disabled before war and in action at war time also player is not allowed to leave indoors inside city wall (with exception) ? Exception such as Thaneship, Side of the war, other relationship. player allowed to stay outdoor and not/is allowed to go outside city during curfew.
  6. weird problem. during animation sdqp_enslavement put armbinder on orgasm and multiple notification on top of each other.
  7. problem i not with the follower but the mod manage them. In my case I have follower from NFF and Paradise halls(slaves that ordered to fight NFF recognise them as follower but do not add them to its framework). When I have PaH followers only, POP ignores them and they pop up in jail. With NFF Followers only it capture or wait only one follower, ignore rest. When with both it get buggy. some time surrender does not work because PaH followers keeps fighting and so the captor.
  8. try dismissing your followers. then make a reset for POP DDE and SUM as per instruction. once done and check if all ok at MCM then make a save, load that save change cell then sleep for some time. try arrest again. remember no followers of any kind the whole time.
  9. this mod edit SOS scripts which means it is possible to do what I said earlier without installing a hair mod. little change in script will be sufficient.
  10. Hey, great mod and since you made it, can you check if it is possible to randomize schlong to add at some NPC but not all of them? as a result it will not make all female futerni but some.
  11. Almost, mods still considers it a male. I added the female flag. Let's see if it funtion properly.
  12. a little help. a horse mod C5Kev's Hermaeus Mora Tomes not equipping its dong.
  13. Please add support for SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators and Skyrim immersive creatures. Doing so hopefully will not need new meshes or texture.
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