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The Skyrim Diaries, as mentioned previously, includes various published books as well as personal diaries and journals. There is a series of translations of ancient Dwemer tales called Ancient Nights. Said title deriving from the typically erotic/pornographic nature of the recovered writings.


To offer a sample of what one might expect to find in this mod, here is Voume 6 from the series. Note that while a reasonably tame selection, it contains graphic sexual descriptions.
Proceed at your own risk.




Ancient Nights
Volume VI


A Journal Regarding Female Automata


Author Unknown
Translated by Wardon Cassimi


As is sadly typical, this is merely a fragment of the original text. We are lucky to have anything at all from such ancient times. What we have here was found etched in metal, in reverse. Seemingly a partial plate for printing a sheet, but strangely curved. Whatever the purpose, we can only wish that a greater portion of the original had been found intact. The story involves what seems to be a merging of living woman and Dwemer machine. Was such a thing possible? The possibilities, and implications, are astounding. If only we knew more.


However, this was a fairly recent find, and excavation yet continues. We may hold hope for more discoveries in the near future.


As always, translations can be a very problematic process, given so little contextual information on the lost Dwemer society from which to work. Great care has been taken to try to find the original intent and to present it in a manner readily understood by the modern reader.




I hide the smile her response brings and step close to her, palming her left breast as I speak.
"These are sensory data input devices, lower grade. Your 'reproductive orifice' is a higher grade sensor array."


While slowly talking to her, I keep my hand moving in gentle circles, fingers teasing and probing the soft, surprisingly warm, flesh of her melon sized tit as my palm lightly drags over her nipple. A startled gasp emerges from her as the nipple begins to stiffen into my touch. Smiling at her reaction, I nod and direct her gaze to her hard nipple as I let my hand drop away.
"You see? Sensory apparatus is deploying for greater input."


Eyes widening, she nods with a nonverbal sound of confused anticipation. As I take her other breast in hand, I lean down to blow across her stiffened nipple and she lets out a loud gasp.
"Note the sensitivity of the device? Such allows greater data input which leads to deeper understanding, does it not?"


"In... indeed. More data equals greater base for comprehension. Agreed. Continue."


"Of course. Such is the function of the Dwemer. Note the sensitivity of the data input array..."


I tease my tongue over her nipple, letting my saliva freely drool onto her plush tit as I tenderly lick and probe, eliciting a series of short, sharp gasps from her. Her other nipple pushes hard into my palm as I take this one into my mouth, suckling as I work it with my tongue. The Automata begins to tremble as she moans under her breath, then almost squeals as I nip at the full bud of her nipple when pulling my mouth away.


I pinch both nipples, not too hard, then roll them between my thumbs and forefingers, watching with amusement, and growing arousal, at the way the new sensations make her body jerk and shiver uncontrollably while I talk and play.
"Notice that sensory input gains strength and sensitivity through stimulation. The more the array is deployed, the great the information flow becomes. Note, too, that when I increase stimulation, by pinching and tugging like this ... You feel the higher grade sensor array between your thighs activating, do you not?"


She shivers and gasps as she nods acknowledgement, seemingly unable to speak under the flood of unfamiliar sensory input. I squeeze her nipples HARD and she jolts almost violently as her pussy suddenly starts to grow wet, lubricant seeping from between her virgin lips. A mewling whimper emerges as I kiss, lick, and suck each now tender nipple. I moan low as I press my face into the soft pillow of her breast and suckle, the humming vibrations coaxing more sounds of helpless pleasure from the automata.


Moving to her other tit, I take her nipple hungrily into my mouth as my hand drops down between her thighs. I lightly stroke over her now dripping pussy lips with just one finger, dragging lightly from bottom to top, pulling away each time just before making contact with her clit and starting at the bottom again. She whimpers in confusion as her body starts to rock, her hips pushing to try to make more forceful contact with my teasing touch. But I keep drawing back, making only the lightest contact as I stroke and tease her needy cunt.


Finally I don't pull away as her wantonly hungry pussy pushes to meet my hand. Instead, I shove two fingers inside her, forcing a loud squeal of uncomprehending pleasure from her. Her head falls back and I have to wrap an arm around her to keep her from falling as I start to fingerbang her fast and hard, slapping her clit with my palm on each deep thrust as I whisper hot in her ear.
"Now it's time for you to learn the true nature of your design!"




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