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Okay, by this point you might have begun to notice a pattern. 3... 2... 1..., and now ...1.23 - each post 3 days after the previous.
Three days from now is January 23rd - 1.23 - the intial release date for the alpha of The Skyrim Diaries.
I'm calling this a Read/Only-Alpha.
As previously mentioned, the mod is mostly books, and that is all that is included in the first release. Nor is this all the books that will be included over time. But enough to get things rolling - about 50-60 diaries, journals, and books. Oh, sure - if you go poking with the CK or something, you'll see some quest objects, and there's a few little things, pieces of quests to come, laying around. That's due to a combination of too lazy to clean things out for this release and it not mattering in the least.


So, why a Read-Only version?


In part, because I'm late to the game. I didn't start playing Skyrim until last year (2015).
Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like I've just discovered it. I bought Skryim on release, and grabbed it again in the Legendary Edition to get the last patch and the expansions. But I've been playing Elder Scrolls games since the beginning and that has shaped my play style in a couple significant ways.

First - I wait until at least a few major patches are released, and with the last few, until the collection with the expansions is released. And as the technology has expanded from those early Arena/Daggerfall days, on the last couple games I wait until I have hardware that it can fly on. (That's what delayed me so long this time - after health issues in 2014, it wasn't until this year that the machine power to run it right was in my hands.)


Second - one of the truly amazing things the The Elder Scrolls games brought us was a world that was so big, one could play for months without ever touching the actual "game" - the main storyline. Granted, the world has shrunk dramaticly, but they do work to keep that by trying to go deeper in less space. And, so, I tend to develop characters with rather limited viewpoints. None of that try to help everyone, do everything kind of character. Most have a single focus and they never see most of what's in Skyrim. Also, with Live Another Life-Alternate Start, most (about 3/4) are not even Dragonborn. I've only played the main storyline through once to date, and just enough of the Dragonborn storyline to see that it harkens back to old Shaw Brothers kung fu flics in plotline and should be fun.
I've played through the Dawnguard storline once (with a wannabe bard named Buffy, because who can find cheerleaders in Tamriel?). I've just finished playing through the Dark Brotherhood, and I've played Thieve's Guild and College of Winterhold basic storylines. But there's lots of little side stories that I haven't touched along the way on those. And I've never fought the Civil War, on either side. Never rescued the Greymane kid for Fralia. Barely played the Companions storyline (I Kill werewolves) Etc., etc.,.


And so, my knowledge of the world has holes in it. Sometimes a huge gaping abyss of a hole.
I've tried to keep things from conflicting with game lore, and where possible, tie into pre-existing threads dangling here and there. I rely heavily on the United Elder Scrolls Portal wiki for reference data. That's good when I know to look for something, but useless when I don't know about something to go looking.
But I bet there's folks here who could spot potential conflicts for me, and enjoy reading in the game. It's always better to find errors earlier in development, and some new ideas might crop up, too.


Of course, there's the added bonus that when I run into coding trouble later, I might find someone interested and knowledgable to help here, eh?
The language looks straightforward enough. I've got some experience in coding games, but it's always been hands directly in the code, working at the base layer. I still have to sort out the Creation Kit better to understand all of where and how to put the code. And figure out basic, stupid things - like why does the facial geometry data for NPCs save to a skyrim.esm directory instead theskryimdiaries.esp directory? (Okay, this is a BSA, so it doesn't matter now. But later, it might aid compatibility and removability to fix that.)


And, lastly, maybe it'll get me focused more on working on the mod.
Oh, sure - I work on it regularly. But I still spend more time playing Skyrim than creating for Skyrim. After all - no pressure. Nobody's waiting for it or anything, right?


So, let's change that.


Saturday, we'll see if the system will let me upload the mod. If not, then it'll get posted to a file-sharing service and linked until the problem is resolved.
Saturday's post - How You Can Help!


Cross your extraneous digits, and hopefully all goes smoothly in 3 days.


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