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Okay - so "What's The Skyrim Diaries?"


Answer the First
It's my own personal how-to-mod-for tutorial.
I've worked with creating games before, but always from the ground up ("ground" frequently being the game engine used at the time, unless we start going WAY back before a lot of Skyrim players were born). Working with the Creation Kit and coming in the side door to mod is less direct, and much to sort out as yet. Scripting looks straightforward enough, but where to put scripts, how to link them into everything else... Hells, even simple things like how do I get a book to use custom cover art?
I'll get it all sorted in time, and this is my avenue of exploration.


Answer the Second:
It's a convenient way to tie together assorted mini-quests, encounters, puzzles, items & whatnots into a single package. Lots of ideas are too small to really make a mod worth installing by themselves, but pile them up together, maybe weave a little tapestry with some of the threads, shove in some pretty pictures, and ... Mozeltov! It's a Mod!


Answer the Third
Books, mostly.
Diaries and journals of various people in Skyrim, living and dead.
Most are new, a few are alterations/additions to pre-existing texts. Hopes, dreams, frustrations, fears and fantasies, as well as secrets, laid down in private diaries. Many are planned to have quests, new dialogs, and/or new NPCs attached. For examples, an old diary is haunted by the writer. Some might have a key or secret password to access hidden treasure. Some might need help to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Or one might find the diary of a sexual predator, and find oneself the next prey.
Many others are simply contextual filler, adding to the story of the world without offering any new interactions. Personal musings that might give meaning to other actions. Deep regrets, lost loves, secret shames and longings.


Also, some "real" books from Tamriel publishers with the possibility of multiple copies.
There are a few books with translated fragments of long lost Dwemer texts; multiple volumes of the Ancient Nights series. An Argonian tale of torrid mixings with human.
And, there are several books by the eminent Vashta Carg (an extravagent, some say demented, perverted, twisted, deranged... artist/chronicler of some reknown in Cyrodiil. At least according to his publisher.)
This was mostly to allow me to indulge myself in artwork while working on the mod, and so - Vashta Carg, artist at large with such titles as "Exotic Skyrim: A Journal In Paint", "Mighty Beasts", and "Whore Of Skyrim: A Diary Of Desire". These books are mostly artwork currently. The character of Vashta Carg is still rather wobbly in my mind, and I've been putting off writing most of his text until I've got a better fix on him.




Last time, I could not attach/embed images locally.
This time, it won't use images hosted elsewhere.


I really want to release this mod as planned, but I'm getting concerned as to whether or not LL will let me post it in the forum.
We'll see...


Recommended Comments

To answer that last line...

As long as it does not step on any ones toes (IE contain content from another what ever with out that person/s consent)... you should be able to post it on LL.


How to Post a mod on LL.

Go into the "Downloads" section (not in the forum)

Go to the area your mod should be placed (something like Skyrim - Adult Mods - Quests)


Then click on the Blue Button that says "Upload File"

You will need to fill out all of the information "file name", "version", etc etc

This is also where you will upload the file and any images that go along with the file (images are best shown in a jpg format, not bmp but jpg).


And yeah... it is that easy to setup a file on LL.

Once the file is set up it will actually create a thread in the skyrim\adult mods\ downloads section of the site (this will be linked to the download page by the "Support Topic" button on the download page.


Note: Some have tried to create a mod by starting a thread in the download sections (forum side) and that does not work. You have to go into the downloads section, and go to the sub section where your mod should be placed and start a new mod there with the "Upload File" option (just above the downloads on the right side on the blue bar).

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It'll be next weekend before I try to upload the mod. Hopefully all will go well. Thanks for the information! Should help make it go smoothly at that time. I just get a tad paranoid after system errors. Comes from being online since the 80s, probably.


Thanks again.

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