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Generation ENB: Gwynne & Gudra - Red Light. Ostim Couples Slideshow Pictorial

"Mara's Embrace Brothel."  The sign above the establishment reads. 


'Well, this is new...'  The Dragonborn thinks to herself, noting another new addition to the world of Tamriel that she alone will ever even recognize.  Next to Breezehome, her home in Riften, the place looks for all intents and purposes as old as the seedy reputation it's no doubt earned in the years the townsfolk are programmed to believe it is.  Gwynne knows for a fact the building wasn't next door at all the last time she went to sleep.


Curiosity piqued; more importantly, she can sense The Player is interested in learning what awaits in this new addition to the town.  Gwynne for one thinks it's time she got some R&R.  Gudra is the name of the lady that catches Gwynne's attention once she's looked around.


'We can use this room, or for an extra ten Septims we can use the VIP room.'


'Actually, I'd like  the Love Room.'


Gudra looks at Gwynne quizzically.  'But we don't have a "Love Room".'  


'I'll take care of that..."







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