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Thank you for sharing, awesome set! :D



Nila still is my favorite, but Chloe is rly awesome on her pics, specially the one holding the drinks.

hehe, thanks. ^^


I think Drunk Chloe just touched me in my yes yes place ;)

Haha  :P


Really nice shots Sunsa. School girl Nila is cute!

Thanks ecto.^^


You always left me speechless. Brilliant. All compliments.

Thank you Elf Prince.^^


Chloe looks ready to party while Hidielle is like "ugh not again" haha!

Yeah, Chloe is always joyful. But Hidielle prefers to stay alone. ^^


hairstyles fit very well, and bikini falling off is a very sexy look!

Thank you. :P


Good, good :)

Thank you very much! :P



Nola and Cloe. I'll bite that :P



Juste magnifique, j'adore Cloe en léopard.

Merci. J'avoue que cette tenue lui va très bien.^^

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