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"On The Ways of Warding The Flesh


That ye might feel no paine[sp]


The inscription of this sigil shalle..."


I started and then gave up, but someone else can save themselves a few minutes

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Yeah, it's not easy to read, is it? The spelling doesn't help, either :)


Oh, and kudos to PrinceOfPlots over on /r/teslore for sharing his handwritten deadric font.

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More than one something, quite possibly.


Pretty, Vacant is still under development. The Young Mephalians posters are just a bit of fun at the moment. Which isn't to say I mightn't have a go if I get a bit more plotline sorted out in my head.


The book here ... came out the tattoo tutorial when i started thinking it would be fun if there really was a dodgy tattoo seller called Ragvar Bad-Apple who sold cheap magical tattoos of questionable quality.


Mainly though I'm trying to have fun and learn how to do stuff. People keep telling me that if I'm not having fun, @m not doing it right. The same advice probably applies to modding as well... :D

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