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Modding: Slave Town V.derp!

Game Goblin


The hell was I thinking... OMG tits! wait wait... Umm err. ya. Okay. WHERE ARE MY TITS?!? Oh...nevermind... wrong gender. Whew. Crisis over.


So. Onto my latest fiasco... Slave Town V2.xxx


So I dove into the mod full force and goddamned if my brain hasn't seized up on an hourly basis. I should have just lit my nuts on fire and screamed things about the glory of Valhalla until the local trigger happy police put me down. But I'm learning... like a slow-tard chimp suffocating in bubble wrap.


Lessons learned...


#1 Respect. I mean Jesus-H-Montgomery-Christ... Both to mod authors and the tutorial makers. 50% of my time is on YouTube and the other half of my waking hours is inside the diabolical crash kit fiddling with things. It takes a lot of work, more than I expected. I'm not giving up... OH HELL NO! Nothing gets done by quitting before actually doing something. But my hats off to the other modders and supporters.


#2 Confusion. Being a newbzilla modder is akin to child regression by data overload. Often I'll tweek a variable, only to break another. Research, get lost, find something close to halfway to where I want to go... tweek some more... Spaz out... and after a few hours I sit at my keyboard drooling with that blank stare babies get while smiling in amusement at discovering I have a penis or that I'm about to wet myself. Advice for new modders, prepare for fustration and confusion... and possibly diapers.


#3 TL:DR. I'm noticing a trend... BIG BOLD LETTERS IN BRIGHT COLORS... do not always work. While doing my daily trawling of the support forum I'm overjoyed to see both ideas and bugs... until I scroll down and feel my tits seize up halting my mammaries from producing life giving milk... wait... uhh, crap... See #2. Anyway people report bugs that I've already put on the front page... (insert dissapointed face) or somehow bypass the warnings that the mod may implode or not work right... and then ask if said mod has been properly fucked into submission... dafuq.


#4 I'm a dumbshit. In my haste I think now that I released a wee bit early... Ah hindsight you sneaky harlot. Getting the green-light by the admins lit a fire under my butt and the excitement fast forwardedededed my decision to slap that badass back into the spotlight. So when I get around to the Darkwind Island reboot, I know now to slooooooooow down on release, just a little bit.


#5 CK is more robust than I thought! Holy crap-sticks... There's a lot more there than I first thought after dinking around in other mods doing mere touch-ups. Some of the ancient tutorials that are over an hour long with only a few views are jam packed with details many shorter tutorials don't have. Some of it I haven't seen in common use, and to use Skyrims power, you bet your knickers I'm adding in that stuff!


So what does this mean for Slave Town V2.xxx?


Full steam ahead bay-be! With a few alterations to my original plan....
After hitting aliases and scripting and having Papyrus and NotePad++ do a combo rimjob and skull fuck to my brain... I've come to feel that my nooblet skillset sucks way to hard to really push it around to where it needs to go. So with accreditation still given to the original author I'm moving to cannibalize the assets within and slow cook it with a light honey glaze. V2.1 will still be available until I can get the revamp really good. Or at least the OMG he isn't abandoning it intro done... we shall see.


So I have begun peeling off the skin so it looks and feels much like the old Slave Town people love but I'm shoving new guts and gristle inside. Right now I'm revamping the Bee and Barb scene to be a different kind of intro where Ravone the Dark Elf is not what he seems, and possibly cutting Keerava out of the mix or at least less prominant to the quest. The whiterun scene has been totally reworked (Has yet to be plugged in to the overall series because I'm basically remaking much of the mod from scratch.) Now Gideon walks up to the player (you) and kicks off the quest should you sit down at the bar and wait a moment.


Yeah, nearly from scratch... Some of the assets such as NPCs and Locations have been cloned, but for the most part I'm building it up in a different manner. After (SPOILER) blacking out to wake up a slave (SPOILER) Quests won't be simply linked straight to Master Plavus, you'll have the local taskmaster kicking off a chain of mini-quests to work your way to the master for a special task. Similar in fashion to a guild quest like the companions or dark brotherhood.


It will take some time to fill in and get rolling to be sure. Especially since I found the scripting for gender references! (Some of the people who gave me feedback want some manly action... I looks like I can provide a bit of that with some practice... SCRIPTING!!! sheesh.)


So, Game on my fellow Goblins and Goblinettes!


(Oh and heres a silly promo pic.)


(Somedays I think I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body. Or a Thespian trapped in a mailbox...)

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I'd like to say it gets easier, but I've not noticed that happening yet.


On the bright side, you get to learn stuff so you don't keep making the same mistakes. The down side is that you just clear up space in your schedule so you can make new and better mistakes. Such is a modder's life, so far as I can tell.


Oh, and welcome to the club! :)

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