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Willow Creek Stories: Maximo's Recruitment



This the back story for Max Scarpetti’s recruitment.  It takes place before Chapter 16 of “The Simsfather”.


(Max getting off shift)


Boss: Hey!  Where do you think you’re going?  The grill still needs to be cleaned and the trash taken out!


Max: (Sighs)




(Punks throw trash on the ground carelessly)


Max: Hey - are you gonna pick that up?


Punk 1: (Scoffs) That’s what you are for, greaseball.


(punks laugh)


Max: What’d you say?







Max: (Picks up a bottle)


(smashes it over head of Punk 1)


You’re not laughing now are you, pal?




(Punks scatter)


Cop: Freeze!


Max: Seriously?


Cop: C’mon (flashes cuffs).  Just give me a reason (draws weapon).


(Cop arrests Max)







(At the police station, Max sits alone in a cell).


Cop: C’mon, Scarpetti.


Max: Did you get me a lawyer?


Cop: Someone did.





Max: Who are you?


X: A friend of a friend.  I have been asked to get you out of here - unless you would prefer to stay?





(The two enter a limo which takes Max home)


(Arriving at their destination)


Max: So, should I ask who your friend is?


X: (smiles) He is an old comrade of yours from your time in the war.


(slyly) I believe that he was your company sergeant.


Max: (Internally “nods”)


X: Perhaps you remember him? He needs your help.


Max: What do you expect me to do?


X: In two days, I want the two of you to meet at this address.  You’ll need some weaponry, so come prepared.


Max: Prepared for what?  What the hell is this, who are you?


X: I’m someone who knows how to return a favor.  Unless you would prefer to be unemployed and left in the cell where I found you?


Max: (Resignedly nods in agreement)


X: (As he shuts the passenger door) Oh, Vito sends his regards.


Max: (Chuckles in disbelief) Vito? What have you gotten yourself into now?




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