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In which flora is slippery but silence is golden.



"Trooper! Why the fuck are you standing around? Where's the insurgent we're chasing!?"
"Sir! Dead, sir. She fell down one of the tentacle pits. Right here."
"I can't see shit in that dark hole. Did you see her die, soldier?"
"No sir, but I've seen trooper bodies recovered from those. These things don't tolerate invaders."
"... you sure? She's a local. One of those freak plant mutants."
"Absolutely - sir. She stopped screaming real quick. Listen close. Hear that? It's probably ripped her apart already... Now all you hear is wet. Hell, she must be in goopy pieces. Who knows what those things do with the remains."
"Ugh... sounds like it's stirring macaroni. Hope she didn't suffer long... Well done, trooper. Let's get out here." 




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