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In which career changes come naturally.



The royal courtesans of the slave planet Zerge held a coveted position. Respected and trained in the arts of love, they were yet at the complete, sexual disposal of the emperor as well as the cadre of the male concubinators. Luckily, martial traditions and various genetic modification made for very impressive male members, and the courtesan applicant positions were always well filled. Moneda gasped as the seventh concubinator filled her up. to the hilt There were a total of seven for every trial, after the seven traditional seasons of Zerge, but Moneda decided they were all summer - hot and mercilessly hard. She was not one of the slaves desperate for release from lowly servitude, though. She was a rare, respected trader and freewoman in her own right. But the contests were also open for all to partake in, and anonymity was assured. Why not indulge her hidden depravity?


The criteria to be recruited into the ranks of royal courtesans was simple: an applicant need only hold her orgasms for the final ten minutes, and then cum immediately on command at the very end. All Moneda had to do was hold out at the very end to fail, and she could enter again next month, trading an incredible sex adventure for a small risk, practically nonexistent, of becoming a sex slave. The bell rang, warning her of the end stretch, and she did her best to hold out through the end and spoil the test... despite the stud trying to fuck her into a state of bliss, and doing a good job, at that. If only she had known about the aphrodisiac properties of the concubinator's cum that had been soaking inside her for hours. "You may climax now, slave," she heard, and a rush of involuntary pleasure collapsed her into a sticky puddle in exhaustion. The last thing Moneda heard as a free woman was a bell chime and robotic voice coming from the bio-sensor tech. "This slut has - passed."




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