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In which locals are amused.



"Hey Gilson, have you seen the expedition guard?"
"What - Vesta? No, she took her sweet ass and armor for a walk, had something to think about, she said. Why? Still got the hots for her?"
"Shut up. Just wondering. Did you hear her asking that local about the old Furli Prime gemfly horseshit?"
"Nah, come again?"
"Yeah, supposedly, if you come out into these jungles with the right goop on you, a Furli gemfly will jump you and fuck you silly. Nine months later, you give birth to the colored stone they decorate their mountain hives with. But before then, a whole swarm of em arrives and tears you to bits, so you never even get to see it. See, that's just a story they tell their kids to scare em out of the jungle. Anyway, when the federation arrived, they made em stop telling it - those 'stones' would fetch a pretty penny out on the rim. Wouldn't want to give anybody ideas."
"What if it's true though?"
"Don't be a moron, Gilson. Anyway, don't think greedy fucks like SilaCorp wouldn't find out on their first trip. Turns out, even if you managed to get one of those critters to fuck you, they'd just squirt you full of peromones, and a whole swarm of the things would have their dicks up your ass all the way back to New Terra. That'd be a sight for sore eyes, right?"
"Whatever. Gotta tell Vesta about this one... say, I think she's heading back, I hear her yelling right now."






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