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starting a collection of useful hints


If changing settings inMCM, save always and reload.

Why ?

not all mods udate the memory but Json. Going on with playing without reload might introduce problem up to ctd's.


replacing a dll, it is recommended to restart your PC.

Why ?

Windows might not unload the old dll.


In mods with timed scans, set the scan rate to odd number. (this hint is from Gukhan, if I remember right)

Why ?

logical, have not all scans happen the same time, should disperse script load.


after quick travel, cell change (cleaned a cave e.g.), open console and watch scripts, wait until they settled down. If you got Defeat installed, clean it up.

Use this (made bay Ynkle) to perform a pcb (purge cell buffer), before saving.

Your saves and memory will be thankfully doing so. If you got Fallrim resaver, check from time to time your saves.

You will notice, the orphaned stuff will be reduced. If you got some orphaned stuff occassionally, it's in most cases sig'n scripts did not terminate properly. Check this,

(texture resolution, too many different skins, lots of additional creatures, too many scripts running, see timed scans)




walking in the wild, crossing several cells, I suddenly got a freeze.


Investigating this one, it turned out, too less space for an sufficient swap file.

On this occasion I kicked out a mod (dll), assigning 6 cores incl. affinity to skyrim. This because I realized, it's better not fiddle around with this priorities as the operating system is too complex

and has to handle too  many things, like memory managment, swapfiles interfaces. Slowing down this processes by assigning cores to one process, might do more harm than good.




Body slots


Addon/Armor Biped Slots

Every BSDismemberInstance on the nif file should be checked in with the Addon Slots else only that specific node will disappear.

At least one of the Slots in Addon and Armor should be the same else the Addon will disappear but you can still equip the Armor.

That means an Addon with 32 and 34 slots only need its Armor to have either 32 or 34.

Also applies if two separate (32 and 34)Addons are combined into one Armor.



On the Creationkit.com, it says the Priority is used to determine the order of the Add-on.

Addon that has a 44 slot and 10 priority will over-ride any Addon with a 44 slot and a 5 Priority.

The 0 Priority is commonly used by the Characters Body which is commonly at 32 Addon.

Priority seems to work best on an interval of 5.

Addons with the same priority, will be either determined by last equipped, freak out or maybe crash the game.


Addon and the Priority

Armor override Armor based on which was equipped last. Addon overrides Addon based on its Priority.



A 32 Armor with 3 Addons.

-- A 32 Body Addon, 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 5,  5, and 10 respectively.


A 34 Armor with 2 Addons.

-- A 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 10 and 5 respectively.


A 33 Armor with 1 Addon.

-- A 34 Forearm, 33 Hand, and a 37 Feet Addon. Priority of 15.


A 36 Armor with 1 Addon.

-- A 36 and 37 Feet Addon Priority of 20.


A 34 Armor with 2 Addons.

-- A 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 20 all.


Order of Equipment:

The 34 Armor will override only the 34 Addon of the 32 Armor.

The 35 Armor will override all of the Addons of the 34 Armor and even if all its Addons are overriden the 34 Armor will still remain equipped, then only leave the 32 Body Addon of the 32 Armor.

The 36 Armor will override the one Addon of 33 Armor then the Addons of 32 and 34 Armor will appear again.

The second 34 Armor will un-equip the first 34 Armor and override the 33 Hand Addon of the 32 Armor.



This means you can basically have 10 Armors with its Addons overriding each other. Will sound confusing at first but you just need to plan for it.


Now why would I need to do all that work? If you dislike clipping or just want variety, you will need to do just that.


Hope this helps.



Sometimes at the start of the game, the priority will fail. Simply save then load that save.


Copied this from here




for myself to find it.



Found an interesting little gadget.


a major problem of SKSE is the ram usage. Some say, RaceMenu has some kind of memory leakage.

This gadget might solve this problem.


I installed it and the scheduler, too. (Following instructions and made a repeat every 5 min. clean task).



this link covers all and has a guide, how to install.


links provided by main link.






will report back, how it works.


Proceed now with commends to have a better overview.

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Recommended Comments

tested RAMMAP (task schedule 5min.) during a run trough a Hammet's dungeon.

It works wonders. Followed RAM usage with task manager. It works !


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Not a critical, but annoying bug. 

I removed this orphaned script instance occasionally, but it is annoying, because my saves are clean, only this bug appeared

in my saves, when walking around Riften.

Following the reason for it. 

An scripted spell in the form list without defining it in script, or exclude when you don't have it.

I made a patch esp-fe, but I would recommend to remove the entry directly with X-edit.

I did the way Riften  to Windhelm twice. Without patch and with patch. As you can see, the orphaned script instance is gone when using the patch. Attached the patch, if you hesitate to use xedit.






GasTrap Patch.7z

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Sync Wig color



Open the mesh in Nifscope.
Go to 0 NiNode > NiTrishapeData > BSLightingShaderProperty.
In the Block Details window for BSLightingShaderProperty, you will need to edit:

• Skyrim Shader Type

• Shader Flags 1

• Shader Flags 2

[skyrim Shader Type] Change the Value of Skyrim Shader Type by double-clicking on the value field and changing it to HAIR TINT.

[shader Flags 1] For Shader Flags 1, double-click on it's Value field and you'll get a drop-down list.  Check (add) the following flags:

• SLSF1_Hair Soft_Lighting.

[shader Flags 2] For Shader Flags 2, double-click on it's Value field and you'll get a drop-down list.  Check (add) the following flags:

• SLSF2_Vertex_Colors

• SLSF2_Assume_Shadowmask

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fix missing horse dicks by entering keyword Actortype horse to the race "horse"

I attaches skin before dicks are attached




Why this works.

You call the race, the horse race.

But this race is not a horse at this moment (later in text you know why)

Now the horse race, which is not a real horse, gets aroused and the aroused mesh equipped.

Well, 1000 times, it has it equipped for sure.

What next, the horse becomes a real horse as the npc horse IS a horse and the keyword horse will be applied.

But, a horse needs the horse armor equipped, otherwise it would be invisible.

This function, equip horse armor might unequip the aroused mesh !

(sometimes you even can see this, the aroused mesh appears for a very short moment and disappears)

So even if the keyword "actortype horse" is not used in applying the aroused mesh, it's the key to the culprit.

Apply aroused mesh AFTER horse skin is equipped to avoid unequip the aroused mesh.

As this is not controlled in mnc (equip horse skin), do it already in the horse race by adding keyword "actortye horse"

Then the hirse skin is already equipped BEFORE the aroused mesh gets equipped.

Some side effects and why the keyword was not applied in horse race already.

Chart horses e.g. never have been intended to be rideable. The NPC chart horse does not have the keyword actortype horse.

Well, now it does, but not a big deal. What ever you do, after cell change they will stay in front of their chart again.

Best solution would be the control of horse skin equip in mnc.

Tried to discuss, did not turn out very well. So I went my own way and for those interested you red it already.


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LOOT, the destroyer of saves.


sort LO midgame, a way to kill your game.

There are different opinions about this, like the engine finds the reference etc.

This is true, your game works, references are found.

But you ever wonder why quest do not start, missing features, dialogues do no more show up ?

LOOT did this if used midgame or added new mods loading b4 bashed patch.


You don't believe it ?

Well, there is an easy test to demonstrate it.

If you are familiar with Xedit do following:


Select a mod what uses a couple of masters.

Just add another master what loads before the masters alredy in.

Masters must be sorted to tell the mod which one overwrites.

Select in Xedit sort masters to correct this.

Check effects using scripts, like some magic stuff etc.

Every reference of this script look ok, right ?

Now save Xedit and reload and check the references again.

They are GONE !!


What happens now using LOOT midgame ?

References used by scripts are baked into the save !!!

The script will no more find the reference, causing dialogue no more pops up, quest no more starting and so on.

Your game gets less and less more functionional.

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difficult to find, as it's not a mod but download inna post.

Redguards as they should look like.

It's for LE, but I posted a SE concersion in the same thread.


 Better faces for Redguard females.




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how to fix clipping eyebrows


The problem ocurs, because eyebrow mesh triangles do not match head triangles.

If emotions get applied, the eye brow mesh disappears under the head skin, because of the the different movement of the not matching triangles.

Solution is, move the eyebrow mesh a little bit forward.


1. open facegen mesh in nifscope and move the ninode in Y direction.


2. what I prefer, open facegen mesh in outfit studio and move the mesh in Y direction.


See pictures before and after the fix:












find ninode in nifscope (as mentioned, I prefer Outfit studio and moving the mesh)





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Talking a bit of experience made.


If you setup/start new game.


Create a dummy esm, maybe anesp-fe, maybe an esp.

Why ?

If you find a must mod esm mid game, you can insert it by replacing the dummy esm.

LO changes of masters is not recommended mid game, this way it will be avoided.


avoid esl mod as good as possible, because they cannot be sorted, they are placed after a master

disturbing your "never change lo for esl flagged mods" and very likely mess up your save.

Make an esp-fe out of those.

Rename esl into esp, open in xedit, remove esl flag, save xedit.

Reopen in xedit and set esl flag, save xedit.


Avoid as good as possible mods changing world space. Check mods doing it.

Remove chests for items placed and other not really needed stuff.


How insert a esm, if you don't have a dummy ?

Well, following my self set rule, avoid as good as possible world edit, I found a candidate which I wanted removed.

Will not mention the mod here, just a way how convert a not wished master into a dummy esm.

Check if another mod needs it as master. If so, you cannot replace it.


Delete everything in the mod. Scripts, nif, texture, everything.

Start game and save.

Open save in xedit, very possible it shows up clean, but it isn't.

Type the name of the mod in left upper field.

You will see ref, script instances refering to this mod. Delete, purge everything, save viaresaver.

Load this save and make a save again.

Now replace the created dummy with the new mod (even an esm)

DoubleCheck before, if any other mod uses this as master.

Load save, ignore message this mod not found. Wait things settled down, make a save.

Open in resaver, it should be clean.

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Clean Save


2 of weeks tracing, fixing, I managed to bring down the active script spawn.

The last 2 is no spawn, but an active check.

Changed a lot of conditions in mods, fixed lots of culprits in scripts (like remove a npc from a list if MGEF finished, but the MGEF had a duration of 0, just terminated

and NPC remained in polloing list forever).

The quest unbounds reasons are fixed, but cannot be removed in a save


Atfer 1h play with 4 followers (2 succubus, 2 vamp) the save looks like this.





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Succubus Adventures


















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How install a mod with lots of features.


Example Estrus


Yeah, tears, onlookers, face overlays and so on.

What do you want, probably the tentacle (or other) attacks in the first place.

Undress, but watch out here, NOT the panties, this is slot 52. You will remove pubes and the schlong.

Enable the very basics only !

The attack, maybe the expressions. No tears, no overlays, no onlookers. The pure attack !


In my setup overlays are handled by Apropos, this would conflict.

Onlooker, script heavy stuff, not recommenede, even more if the tentacle attack is part of a battle.

In my example a contributor to Succubus Initiation Ritual.


ALWAYS think twice which features to activate. Do it step by step and check for conflicts with other mods doing the same thing.

The goal is to have the very special feature of one mod and combine/use the very special feature(s) of other mods, create some kind of a


Thats why you have the options to turn OFF some functions.

Finding tge proper settings of a heavy modded setup is as difficult and time consuming as installing the mods itself.

Like cooking, painting. Find the right amount of tons of ingridients makes the result.

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