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Reason for me to not upgrade to AE

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starting a collection of useful hints   If changing settings inMCM, save always and reload. Why ? not all mods udate the memory but Json. Going on with playing without reload might introduce problem up to ctd's.   replacing a dll, it is recommended to restart your PC. Why ? Windows might not unload the old dll.   In mods with timed scans, set the scan rate to odd number. (this hint is from Gukhan, if I remember right) Why ? logical, hav


Tlam99 in useful hints

destroy working setup ?

Why I avoid AE. mods count doesn't matter (ca 1300), but esm and esp slots. 40 esm, much more used as master. 820 esp slots filled. Estimated 50 DLL. Only dll like engine fixes ca 25. No chance to have this setup replicated with AE, if you take into account all mods are patched, even more. Even if everything would be available in AE, tweak and debug, patch this setup will need weeks and energy, what I am not willing to invest. Just a new char takes days to have the MCM s


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