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Marge's mods list

Sgt. Marge


Mods by Marg597


I wanted to have a spot to list the mods I've worked on, as 1 of them doesn't have its own page.  Updated as of May 6, 2022.




Angrim's Apprentice SLSO Patch - This is a simple script update I compiled with the help of a couple folks from the thread.  Daytri provided the info in a post on how to fix the scripts to work with Sexlab Seperate Orgasm (SLSO) so I went ahead and tried it.  Seems to work, no complaints yet.  Maybe I should make an actual download page for this patch?  hmm.



Fallout 4:


[AAF] Sexual Harassment - Gender Neutral NPCs (Dialogue Translation) - Features 2 main versions depending on your playstyle, gender choice at character creation or other mods affecting character gender.  NPC's are still gender neutral but now the dialogue towards the player character is tailored.


SoapRX - Get Soap from Dr.s or Chemists - This is just a small level list tweak I wanted to make so that I could buy soap more reliably from doctors or chemists.


Anti-Aging Cream: Skin "Fix" for Greentop Female Settler and Dr. Chambers - This fixes a problem that has nagged at me for a long time.  It fixes the issue with the old woman settler and Dr. Chambers having a fucked up skin texture, because no options seem to exist for FusionGirl for old ladies, and there's maybe 1 low resolution option for CBBE.  Now their skin can look un-immersively perfect but at least they won't look like hideous freaks.


DC Guards Are Now Women - I made this based on a request I saw, and I think it's pretty neat.  All the guards in Diamond City are now female.  There may be more to come on this one.  I have some ideas...


AAF Dangerous Nights: Dialogue Revamped! - The mod that makes the Commonwealth's nights uncertain gets a dialogue face lift.  This mod includes both consensual and non-consensual scenes, which can be toggled in the MCM.  This is just a plugin and requires the original mod. 


UAP_Patch_Restore_BP70FF - This patch restores access to the BP70 FF and FFF animations that were no longer available if using UAP.  So if you use UAP and ever wondered what happened to Lesbian Cycling and the foot fetish animations, this will let them play again ;)


Other Things I Did for Fallout 4 but Haven't Released and Probably Won't, Who Knows (?):


- Made a patch to increase all the radiated food in my game by 6 times the normal amount.

- Made a patch so that all the female raiders from Raider Gangs Extended could wear skimpy un-immersive clothes

- Made the damn street lights twice the radius in settlements

- Made it so the Fireplace and Radiator's from the mod "Do Your Damn Job Codsworth" actually provide Heat, this is a patch for Crackle  (I wonder if anyone wants this?)

- Work in Progress: Changing a bunch of affinity things for companions

- I made a small patch that changes all the vendor prices for Devious Devices to 5 caps, because I use DD bench unlock or pay caps to harasser to unlock items, and it seemed a little cheaty to me to pay 50 caps to unlock an item and sell it back to the vendor for like 80 caps.

Edited by Sgt. Marge
Removed old info. Added BP70 patch


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I started working on the next dialogue translation for Sexual Harassment.  This will be from the male player character perspective, but retains the gender neutral NPC dialogue.  I had to get more creative with this one, because there are a few lines that are very specific to female player characters.  I'm not really used to writing explicit dialogue either, so I'm hoping it doesn't sound too silly ?


I think it's actually pretty close to being finished, but I decided to make a male character and do some testing with it first to see what it's like.  So I started next to Diamond City with Start Me Up.  It's a good thing the guards are there, because playing on survival mode those dogs would have ripped me to shreds.  At this point I've bumped up the prostitution payment to max so I can "immersively cheat" some caps, and bought Home Plate just for funsies.  Later I'll do some actual testing of SH to see if there's anything glaring.  (Why the heck isn't "immersively" in the dictionary?? I blame Todd.)


I know that the experience playing a male character with these mods will be quite different, already I noticed there were no crowds cheering me on while I fornicated with a woman next to the noodle bowl salesbot  (edit:  That may have been a fluke, I had crowds during other scenes).  Also the Devious Devices mod doesn't have male compatibility.  I'm curious if it will lock me into handcuffs.  I've left the option enabled for shock collars to see if that works.  I should probably make some notes on exactly what settings I'm using to test with, maybe later.


My only concern right now is that I've changed some NPC dialogue a little bit, and those are associated with .fuz files.  I'm thinking it should be OK, but that's more of a guess.  The fuz files are blank as far as I know, so as long as I keep the dialogue fairly close to what it was it shouldn't break anything.  But I could be completely wrong...

Edited by Marg597
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I did some thinking earlier on what I really wanted to see from this version of Dialogue.  I had gone back and forth on the exact nature of the content, and how I saw it being played.  I made the decision to broaden it slightly so that this version could be used by different types of characters that had a penis.  So it has ended up being gender neutral for the NPC's as well as being somewhat neutral towards the player character as well, only insofar as I tried to not include specific pronouns for the player but specifying genitalia as cock or dick, with some ball fondling as well because I mean, don't forget the balls. 


This means it could be used by any player character that has a penis as their genitalia, regardless of whether they choose "male" or "female" at character creation.  Sexual Orientation is fairly open with this approach as well.  So if you are playing through as Straight, Gay, Bisexual, I think it should work as long as you don't mind being the bottom sometimes.  And honestly, it's Sexual Harassment, so I feel it's somewhat expected.  And also that's less lines of dialogue I had to edit ?


Here's my test subject in the spoiler, his name is Himbo Slim and he's wearing a fabulous gold plated tactical swimsuit, because that's the only cool armor I could think of that I already had installed which had meshes for Bodytalk.  I think I have 1 other, but I'll have to build it for male body probably, and I'm lazy.





Piper has been wandering around with him.  She was real happy that he gave a disheveled gentleman a Nuka-Cola.  She's already harassed him once, flirted with him right in front of Myrna!  So he obliged by humping her on top of the Armor table.  Also I should add that he has fully consented to helping me test this mod, and he assures me that I can click on any option I want and he can take it.  He is, after all, a mercenary.  (Mercenary??  Is that what they're calling it these days?  He's a hooker!)




I'll try to get a couple screen shots of the new dialogue next.

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I was surprised to find that some of the Devious Devices actually work on males.  I've seen a couple of different gags function, only issue is chin strap clipping a little.  Institute Leg Cuffs work.  Unfortunately the nipple clamps and anal dildo didn't show up.  I think a fair number of the devices don't have a male .nif mesh.  It'd be neat if that all worked, but maybe there are issues preventing it that I'm not aware of.  Even DD5 in Skyrim has some male support finally, so maybe sometime in the future a hero will appear and magically produce all the visible bondage gear for the out of control male wastelanders.  ?  Fortunately, DD can be limited in the Sexual Harassment MCM.  I'm going to post some general settings I've been working with for this Dialogue patch.


* Morality 25/30/45

** Morphs Off


*** Sex Approaches
Devious Equip Chance 30

Max Devious Devices 3


*** Flirt Approaches

Max Devious Devices 3

Fan Approach
Devious chance / morph chance (maybe it'll still give buff?) / collar chance 30


Morph 0
Collar 30


Everyone except gunner, raider, Mutant


* Personal Preference.  I feel like the morality of the Commonwealth population should be somewhat jaded, and leaning more towards the sinister side.  In my normal game I go more like 20/40/40.


** May as well turn morphs off in SH for a male PC, because it doesn't support anything except female FG / CBBE.  I am curious if leaving the devious/hypno chance for morph injection on would allow the bimbo buff to work anyway, but it hasn't happened yet in my testing.


*** For these 2 functions I set DD to 3.  This should allow the Collar / Gag / cuffs to be put on.  Unfortunately the only collar I have seen function thus far is the Shock Collar.  I had a gold collar equipped on me last night and it doesn't show up.  It's still "locked" on you, so you can use your imagination.  Likewise, the hood just makes your hair go away.  So it's not ideal, but setting it to 3 will at least give you some bondage fun.


I don't know how much more testing this really needs.  I did one more tweak to 3 dialogue lines today for immersion.  There was 1 line that I could not locate in the esp, so I think it's in a script and I'm not going to try and mess with that unless I think it's really needed.  Basically the line just says your character is "wet".   Not a dealbreaker.  So far I really like how it's turned out.  I think it should work pretty well for a male play-through.


I think the only thing really left to do is figure out the naming conventions and the text for the description.  I was thinking about calling this the "cocked" version, but then what do I call the other version, the "pussied" version?  "Half Cocked"?  "Fem'd"?   ?  Or what about Sexual Hisassment and Herassment ??

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Current To Do List:


Need to get Sexual Harassment Cocked version going, now that I finally got the Dangerous Nights Dialogue Revamped patch uploaded.  Once I get Cocked 1.14.3 finalized, I'll update the main Gender Neutral page with both versions and potentially work on the third and final iteration of the Dialogue, "Half Cocked".  I suspect that I'll want to test the new versions a little first.  Although Uncocked has a few downloads now and no one has mentioned anything specific yet.  Mainly I need to get my character locked into a shock collar and test the Shock Collar master dialogues.


If anyone is looking for the latest version of Uncocked for SH 1.14.3, I have a test version uploaded to the support thread.

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