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Happy Birthday Skyrim!



[Copied from my blog on Tumblr]


I had big plans to celebrate Skyrim’s 10th anniversary with a Year of modding, but as usual with plans, they fell apart eventually.


So instead of moaning about what went wrong and what I originally had planned to finish by now, I prefer to celebrate the positives and revisit what I have done this year so far.


This year has been my most active to date, with more than 700 contributions to GitHub compared to about 500 for the next most active year since I created the repository in 2014.


I completed two large storylines - the Milk Farm in SL Stories, with its own little corner of the Shivering Isles, and the Chaurus Queen quest in SL Parasites.


I moved the Spriggan Curse quest from Sanguine Debauchery to SL Parasites. This move is not quite finished but it is very playable at this point.


I made progress with the rewrite of Hormones, with several compatibility updates provided by other players (thank you!), a redesigned menu system, and not one but two Succubus transformations.


Finally I had a fun time with creating a daily mod update for the TES Summer Fest event.


What’s next?


With the impact of the Anniversary Edition on mods, and talks of TES 6 coming sometimes between 2024 and 2026, I will be spending a little more time on the Legendary Edition. I decided to continue focusing on finishing quests and revisit moving to the Special/Anniversary edition at the end of next year instead.


The next big changes will be about streamlining the mechanics of Sanguine Debauchery and completing the main quest, moving the Mage and Blacksmith Apprentice quests out of SL Dialogues and into their own mod, and finally completing the Nord Queen quests in SL stories.


That should keep me busy for the next year or so.



TES V 2021-04-01 16-34-44.png

TES V 2021-05-31 11-31-45.png

TES V 2021-07-07 09-07-19.png

TES V 2021-07-28 12-18-16_04.png

TES V 2021-07-30 01-18-45.png

TES V 2021-07-31 23-48-38.png


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Mad props to everything you've done mate! Keep up the awesome work and I know for one, I'll keep coming back for updates and to see what's new!

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can't imagine Skyrim without you , looking forward to all your updates  and your Move to AE since Se is basically dead with the update haha 


I don't know what going on in that last SS with the wings and horns but i look forward to finding out 

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I was trying to rush things to do a switch to SE in January. The changes from the Anniversary Edition made me rethink that.

Instead, I will try to get more of my mods into a state of bug fixes only before I do the switch.


I can take more time next year.

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