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Runic ENB ReShade



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I made my personal set up for ENB and ReShade for Skyrim  available on  GitHub more as a backup than to share it, but if anyone wants to use it, go ahead. It hasn't been really tested yet so I can't promise it will work, but I am happy with the results so far.


I have been developing it to give Skyrim a rougher, grimier look. The atmosphere I have in mind is that of Hellblade, Vikings, Heilung and nicely summarized by this unofficial video (I included three screen-grabs from Vikings videos as a reference).


I started with a combination of these two ENB setups as a base, but I deviated enough from either of them to start calling this setup my own. It provides a fast Depth of Field effect for distant landscapes, a weather based configuration on top of global settings, and a good balance between a desaturated atmosphere in rainy weather and a colorful one in sunny weather.


The ReShade layer is there to add touches I wasn't able to accomplish with the ENB layer (tilt shift effect on the edges, a better HDR glow, a more balanced saturation control and sharpness effect, and a cinematic color grading).


Read more on Github for instructions and configuration details.


TES V 2022-02-01 00-44-11.png


TES V 2022-02-01 00-34-14.png

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