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TRX -Futa addon. Next steps



 Version 1.2.3  is a first big milestone in this project. I finish a main model and sliders. Now feu words about next steps.             


Next stages

1. Pubic hair options. 


 Now i have plans on 5-6 pubic haired options of TRX - Futa addon


How this will work? 


You be able to choose in BS from shawed or any of pubic haired varianss of the shlong to
ajust it and build it for your character.


Standalone esp?


No. This will be a part of main mod.


2. Flaccid bodypart project


    This will be a flaccid wersion of TRX - Futa addon. Firs of all this is a modders resource. This mod will give to you possibility to create futa like armor conversions (thongs, pants, bikini bottoms etc). This mod will contains a package of sliders to ajust flaccid shlong form for your tastes and you will be able to include theese sliders options and flaccid bodypart to your armor adaptation projects.


This will be a standalone mod?




3. What about permissions?

You will have permanent permissions to use this mod in your own futa armor adaptations. So you will be fre to crate any yours content with this mod resources and publish it anywhere you want.


There will be only one condition - just credit me and thats all.


Will flaccid version includes a pubic hair options?




For now all theese content and news will be posted only on Patreon page


4. Will be theese and other patreon contet ever be publicly available?


I think  TRX - Futanari Addon 1.2.3 release is more then enought for public available version of this mod and now i must to do something special for my Patrons :) But sooner or later all patreon content will be available for all here on LL as any other of my content for Skyrim. 


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