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Journey to Riften (Memoirs of a Sex Demon - Pt4)



Once again the story got longer than I expected. Mostly because I got my hands on a certain file that fixes Dynamic Animation Replacer (DAR) animation limit. So I was able to add more animation packs to my own Sexlab install without destroying DAR in the process. Cycling though them... and this sort of thing happens.

Also first time I'm trying an experiment at posting with short videos. It has been hell to configure the page.

Less story this time, more sex. But it was all in the name of science.

Anyway... Here it is.


PREVIOUSLY on "Memoirs of a Sex Demon"

More episodes on the episodes post


Act I - Daydreams.




After being for so long at the embassy, Enisse finally got a chance to see the outside world again. It was to be an adventure, even if she didn't have much to say in it. She would've appreciated the chance to use some warmer clothes, but her new status as a sex slave would not allow it


Master Erevar was a little different from Enisse's other masters. He didn't seem to be as lustful with her as everyone else. in fact he barely seemed to care about her.


But nevertheless, his command was to take her to Riften and the explicit order was to "keep her well fucked".

She was reduced to a bargaining chip, her new purpose was to pay for the party's expenses with her body.

She would often daydream about sucking her Master's cock, and feeling close to him.02.jpg

As much as she had grown close with Mina, she had somewhat of a girl-crush on Master Erevar. Probably accentuated by the fact he never really did pay attention to her, except in her dreams.


But Master Erevar, was in fact, infatuated with someone else.


Whenever  those two were alone, they couldn't keep their hands from each other.






Executor Unawyr was a driven woman. Cold, efficient, and unburdened by notions of doubt or insecurity. Her high-born heritage made sure she had always looked down at almost everyone else.

But with Erevar, it was different, she called him Master too, just as Enisse, though it was a complete mystery why she did it, since even if he was her superior in rank, there was no reason for her to address him in that way.


And yet she did. Despite her dominating personality with everyone else, Erevar was the only person that she completely gave herself up to.




Act II - Desires of a Slave





The journey was mostly long and uneventful, but there was no wasted opportunity to put Enisse to good use


It was noteworthy that her masters didn't really care if it was stormcloaks or imperials, they made business with both, and Enisse proved very useful in keeping the troops morale high.


This however, was the strangest thing she noticed on the road, as something really unusual had to be going on in order for stormcloaks to be making business with aldmeri slavers.


By the end of the day it hardly mattered anyway. Everyone would get their turn on her.


And she would love every second of it.


Despite the fact Enisse was getting fucked a lot, she was always still horny.

It could've been the plugs that were placed in her holes to keep her wet at all times.


Or perhaps it was the fact that even after her best efforts, she still wasn't getting the cock she really wanted.

She would offer herself and tease her master in every way she knew

But he still wouldn't have eyes for her and only wanted to be with his subordinate.



Enisse would see them in the bushes getting lost in their own passion, and then she would pleasure herself imagining that was her.

Master Erevar would not see her, no matter how much she wanted him. He would spend hours inside Unawyr, taking her in every way they could think of.


But Enisse would never get her piece of that cock. maybe it was the fact that Unawyr had bigger breasts than her. She kept wondering what was the reason why he wouldn't fuck her. It was really starting to get on her sexually frustrated nerves.

As the tension built inside her, she realized, if she could not get him to look at her, she would have to settle for the next best thing


The other bandit mercenary that travelled with them, was a quiet man. He always stroke Enisse as a bit of a creepy character, mostly due to the enourmous grin on fis face every time he looked at her.

She never approached him as she did with everyone else, but she was getting desperate and her situation needed every release she could get.

During their time at the Embassy, he could've had her many times as well, but the only thing he did was hide in a corner and masturbate while she had sex with someone else.

Master Coomer, they called him, she wasn't sure if that was his actual name or just something the other bandits came up with for some unknown reason.

Didn't took much convincing, maybe he was just shy, but the minute she approached him, he was ready and eger to go with her.

"A cock is a cock," she thought. His was a good as any, and maybe even better since it was also kind of denied to her during the past couple of months.

She wasnt expecting him to be that big, She saw every big cock as a challenge, always uncertain of wether she woud be able to take it or not

But she rode him like a professional whore



She was getting pleasured often but she hadn't had a real orgasm since she left the Embassy.

Now it wasn't even about her current lover, it was more about the fact that some of her unfulfilled desires were finally getting fulfilled.


And then it happened. As fast as the blink of an eye, she didn't even have time to react or realize what was going on.

Just as he was spilling all his seed inside of her, she was also reaching climax. But on that brief second, she could no longer contain herself.




Her entire body was changing, her breasts grew larger, and her skin turned red.

She felt energized as if liquid fire was coursing through her veins, Her pussy felt like electric sparks

She wasn't sure what was going on with her body, and neither was Master Coomer but none of them cared, she just wanted to be filled from the inside out.


And so he kept cumming inside, filling her womb with his hot seed

But her lust was too strong. She was overwhelmed with the burning desire to absorb him completely, she didn't just want his seed, she wanted all of him in her.

What happened next, was not something she had any control of, at that moment, it just happened, and there was nothing she could've done to stop it.

As they both orgasmed, it would be his last grin. His very essence left his body at that moment, sending him to the afterlife, a happy man.

Enisse had never felt so alive, it was the single most glorious thing she had ever felt in her entire life. It was as if her body became a star, and every part of her body was radiating with light.

It only lasted for a brief minute though, as she soon realized what she had done.

Her body returned to normal, and so did every worry she could have.

How was she ever going to explain what happened to Master Coomer to Erevar and Unawyr? She could run, but then how would she ever save Mina? Besides, she didn't know how to survive alone and naked. Not at that moment at least.

Act III -  The Nature of Desire



Despite her whorish nature, Enisse was actually quite a smart girl. And excellent at acting.

So she decided to pull out an innocent girl act, blaming the creatures from a local barrow, known for haunting the area.

The explanation however was not as convincing as she thought it was.

Master Erevar had his suspicions about her for a long time, but he never spoke a word.

The whole deal needed some solutions either way. So after talking things with Unawyr, they decided what was going to happen next.


Unawyr managed to convince her boss to let her go explore the ruins while he punished the slave.

More than a punishment, he already knew it would be a reward, but he had to be sure.

"Be careful with this one" was the last thing Unawyr said to him before setting off to the ruins.


As soon as she was gone, Master Erevar removed his armor, told enisse to bend over and wasted no more time in thrusting his cock up her ass


She screamed in pain at first, but it soon became pleasure

He had an even larger cock than she was used to, but she was ready for him

She had been waiting for this moment for months, and all she could think of was how amazing he felt in her ass







Enisse didn't understand how was it possible that he kept cumming inside of her over an over again when every man she had been with, never lasted more than a couple of times


Master Erevar was relentless, and he kept on fucking her for hours.

He wasnt being exactly gentle with her, not as he was with Unawyr, but it was her wish finally fulfilled, and in that moment, she felt happy and blissful.


Her entire body was covered in cum and there were no signs of her Master giving up. It was even starting to get late, but he still had more to give to her

Her own mind was starting to slip away from the relentless pounding. She had never been fucked so hard in her entire life, not even at the Embassy's gangbangs.


Menawhile, Executor Unawyr was having an adventure of her own. Fullfilling her duty as a good soldier, she managed to find the ruin and its inhabitants.


They posed no challenge to her, and at the very least their presence seemed to corroborate Enisse's story about what had happened to Master Coomer.


By the time Unawyr returned, Enisse was still getting pounded though she wasn't very responsive at the moment, as her entire body was in a state of alternate conciousness.



Unawyr's return seemed to calm Erevar's doubts at least for the moment, so he stopped fucking Enisse who, by then, couldn't even stand up, as her mind was completely lost in pleasure while her body twitched in ecstasy.


Ther could only be one explanation to Master Erevar's strange ability to endure sex the way he did. He wasn't a normal elf.


The next day the party set off to continue the rest of the journey. They were nearly there.


The gates of Riften, home of bandits and scumbags. The perfect place for a criminal group to have business on.


It had been a long journey. But Enisse had learnt something important about herself on it. She didn't know what it meant, But she had something to look forward to. More hard fucking and the hope to understand what was happening to her.


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you have any thoughts and I'll be back next episode :D



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Oh damn, that's quite a packed entry! Love the shots and the vids! To some of the videos did not load, not sure if it's on my end or not. 
And I really love a transformation sequence! 
Great job, Myst42!

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23 hours ago, Crw said:

Oh damn, that's quite a packed entry! Love the shots and the vids! To some of the videos did not load, not sure if it's on my end or not. 
And I really love a transformation sequence! 
Great job, Myst42!

Thank you! ?


As I mentioned, It was originally meant to be shorter, but I got too involved in testing new animation packs and wanting to see them all, so cycling on an on, and ended up with lots of sex screenshots. Tbh, it was a bit challenging to put up this thing together this time since there were less actual story screenshots than other times, but I guess it worked.


As for the videos, they were an experiment. I'd like to do more, but I had to fight with the uploader to attach them. Dont know if there's a better way.

They loaded for me before, and now they dont. I'll try to re upload the ones that dont, hoping I dont break the post in the process.

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