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[KH] Kiss Her/Keep Her, is a remake of an original Machinima series I had over on YT and was my first partial series. I recently decided to remake it, and retell the story in a slightly different way.


In EP1 we watch as Christian deals, not so well, with heartbreak, turning to whatever means necessary to try and replace the one he truly loves.

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There's a good synergy between the music and the visual events, which, combined to the classy aesthetics and the city-by-night shots confer some kind of poetry to the events. Good animation and expressions btw (particulary for a Sim's base), rendering well the melodramatic overall tone. Careful about the rights of the music employed though, if it isn't free of rights better use some who are in the future, if you don't want your work to risk a copyright strike. :classic_smile:

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback so much! Thank you for taking the time to watch and leave a comment :) All the songs in this series so far are Copyright free.

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