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Devious Adventures: Mod features



Integration with others mods

Sexlab Sexual Fame ,Gossip - your reputation have impact of prices and probability that quest giver would give you quest, it's also have impact of some negotiations. So if you get to whorish reputation accepting quest would be more difficulty. Also other features can become easier or harder for you. As a whore you're encoureged to stay in city.

Slaverun - your slaverun cities status and being enslaved have inpact on some aspects in this mod.

SL Survival - Gets licence state

SkoomaWhore - Drugs are added to drug list.


Boards & Quests

Every hold has board which became "quest center". Also quests added or edited by this mod so there is some randomness in it. Also some more timers so player can't get al quests and do it months later. Now quests can be done by others mercenaries. Taking reward is also important cuz others mercenaries can claim it and as a adventurer woman quest givers are easier to believe that you're trying to steal someone achievments. Also now worn devices with your reputation have impact if you can get quest. All quests have forced version when you're forced to take quest by your master. It's done by API for more look here >>>>> API<<<<<<


Hold quests:

Material quests - Sell material to some merchants in city. Price of material is randomised, also merchant will buy material from Skyrim citizens, so if you want to sell all what he wants you need to sell it fast.

Bounty quests - Jarl of hold put bounty on some bandits head, if you want reward for it you need to kill bandits pretty fast, before others mercenaries. There is a chance that you get refused of doing quest, you can try persuade to get quest. Also if you are slow with accepting quest there is chance that reward would be accepted by someone else.

Retrive quests - Citizen got robed from some items, they located them and put note in board to retrive item. Item spawns in any conitainer in location not only in boss chest. You need to do it fast before someone else will take it from location. You better don't lose  or sell it. 


Jobs Contracts & Jobs Tasks

Jobs Contracts: WIP


Jobs Tasks: WIP 


Body Search >>>>> API<<<<<<

There is a event when player can be searched for specific items and have them confiscated. You can choose what is illegal for citizen and slaves eith more option to slave. This setting are only used for basic searches. In some cases you can have items confiscated even if option are disabled for specific scenarios from this and maybe other mod in future.


Hidden Pockets

Aa a player you have acces to pussy and ass stash. There is on max capacity for both stashes, at the start you can hide only small items here, but when you hide items around max capacity of stashes there would expand so you can hide more and bigger items.


Player Information

Hold informaton about player: 

There is tracked statistic of holds. If player isn't in hold they would decay.

Tracked statistic:

- chance of beeing recognised in hold

- recognised as citizen of hold from time spend there.

- crime gold

- numbers of crime warnings

- crime broken statistic by hold


Player Statistic: 

Mod now follows hidden player statistic like criminal actions, sexualised action from this mod. For doing sexualsied action reputation in gossip would increase. For criminal action would start catching crime system. Statistic would decay after some time.


Crime System

Behaviour System:

- Opening pockets can lead to some events. It's not prohibited to hide legal things there, but accessing it can lead to some sexual events and search events.

- Player can decide which possesion of items are illegal or partially legal for citizens and slaves.

- Sitting in Jarl throne is treated as a crime

- Drawing weapons



- Opening pockets can lead to body search.

- Adding bounty to player



There is a chance that guards would give you a warning instead of punishment if catched breaking behaviour standards or crimes.


Additional Crimes

- Bribing guards

- Escaping cage, putting clothes on you.

- Selling some quest items from board quest


Crime System - extended version

Arresting :

When player is arrested , he will be send to cage in cities. You will need to spend some time there. Your crimes can lead to 3 types of arrest: Petty crime, Medium crime, Serious crime.

Depending on arrest type you will spend more or less time in cell, can be skipped with waiting. You can be asked to strip and spend night that way in cage. Also guards can search you for illegal possesion. With serious crimes you'll be lead to jarl to be judged by him.


List of punishments: 

Petty crime

  • One random devices equipped

DCL Integration

  • Lock in furniture
  • Ultra tight armbinder

Medium crime

  • 3 random devices equipped

DCL Integration

  • Belt of shame
  • Whore Collar
  • Lock in furniture

Serious crime

  • Full set of devices

DCL Integration

  • Full Set of themed devices
  • Send to Dagonar prison
  • Walk of shame
  • Whore Collar

Pama Prison Integration

  • Send to prison


Default Crime Dialogue :

This feature overwrites default crime dialogue so you're handled by extended system. There is less options and outcomes than vanilla but would be expanded later.


Default Crime action :

Some of crimes or broken behaviour can lead to guard actions.


Confiscate of all weapons



Sexual Events:

Accesing hidden pockets can lead to some sex scene or to calling guards.

Calling guards when selling stolen quest items


Not pure sexual events:

Guard body search 1 - Guards have low probability of finding something.


Carriage System

Added some furnitures around carriages, and new carriage at falkreath, only domestic changes.




Some new guard slaver npc are placed in towns to make sure that you'll behave.

Edited by Koozie


Recommended Comments

Unfortunately I had to remove your mod.  I ran into issues that essentially broke the game.


  1. In the riverwood trader I couldn't get "The Golden Claw" quest from lucan.  His dialog was lost and "silent voice" took over.  The first two lines of his dialog was still there just not voice acted.  He wouldn't let you take up the quest at all
  2. In whiterun I couldn't get the quest there either.  Essentially breaking the main quest completely.
  3. I did lots of CTD issues that I've never had before.  For instance:
    1. Sofia - the funny voices follower was crashing as soon as I tried adding her to my party
    2. The two redguard soldiers speaking to me about finding "a woman in whiterun" (I'm sorry I forgot the character names and quest) would crash the game

Hopefully as you play and bugtest you can shake these issues out.  Good luck!

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