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  1. I'm going with a little rewrite of mod, cuz I'm not happy with current scripts, and reworking would take less time. I want to ask if anyone use any backpack mod for Skyrim.
  2. Is your BHUNP conversion compatible with SE?
  3. Nudity isn't from this mod. Stop woman are from crime feature, I'm changing it for body search you can try to disable some events.
  4. I'm rewriting a little, so any more info what doesn't work would be great
  5. I like some actions based on fame. If you want I can help with it a little also some comments can lead to others mods like mme or slaverun
  6. I'm going to split this mod to two parts one with any added quests, and features and one with vanilla quests. Itvshoul make better compatibility cuz know I can edit any vanilla quest how, it would take time cuz I'm also editing few existing features.
  7. Anyone tested it with SSE ? Is there limit with outfits?
  8. Maybe you can add soft dependency to: MME your owner can put you in milk machine for some time when she he is doing something in city. Slavering maybe some humiliation with slavers from this mod Maybe a shopping quests with really small time to compete, owner wants you to fail so she can punish you for something.
  9. It one bug which I tried fix, but without testing I can't tell if my method worked or didn't add additional bug
  10. I think the best is by PW, I'll pack it for tomorrow.
  11. For now I'll edited few part of Slaverun to make it more playable. Changes done but nothing tested: - Upgrade to DD 5.0, I changed functions so now devices should equip and unequip correctly. - Upgrade to animation filter to include DD filter. - Changed slavers placement to be in whiterun, can be problem with some city mods to make it play better with SL Survival - Few bugfixes which was mentioned before - Includes Few patches from others authors for SLV_Utilities - Changes with outfits for slaves, free woman, I intend to done it by bikinifier. but needs time
  12. Hello, I want to make this mod work with LE, there is any guide how to convert it backward to LE from SE?
  13. Also I'm thinking about splitting this mod to two parts, which one would cointaint new quest and all features, and second would contain changes to Vanilla Quests, so people who wants changes to vanilla quests would downlaod second mod, it should improve compatibility a lot. What are you thinking about it?
  14. 1. Now if you are freewoman jobs and some quests are impossible to be taken. I taken a little different approach, by blocking possibilities of income for freewoman. Also there should be much less gold from quests to free woman In enslaved cities. Also I don't thing doing quests should send you to slaverun maybe more quests should increase submissiveness so process to become slave would progress slowly. 2. I don't think I would do this, it would require too much work for little reward. 3. I don't like sd so I don't think I would add support for it. For devious follower
  15. I'm rewrtiting body search to be more immersive and sexualised, this sexualised would be more frequent when you have SexLab Sexual Fame Framework and have specific fame in current location. Being slave in slaverun would also matter. Also I want to expand a little hidden stashes features. So if you have any idea or request to this write it there.
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