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  1. I think setstage to 500 should start wait timer and after this set stage to 550. Can you tell what objective wasnt completed or failed correctly.
  2. I think dialogues works correctly, but I think about adding option to disable this features of randomness with quests with MCM, also maybe changing a little dialogues to be more precise, but it will take some time, work on the next vesrion is going really slowly I got maybe around of 50% of what I wanted to add.
  3. It's not a bug slaves don't always got quests it's random chance of quest priority variable randomised on quest start. Can you check with the same sqv and page up variable questprioriy or similar name on attached script.
  4. Can you try sqv _DeAd_BoardHoldBountyBandits its id in my current version hopefully i didn't change from published version. Do you use slaverun? Sorry for late answet but duo to work type I'm without pc for half on a month.
  5. I started rework of this so hopefully new version would be less buggy
  6. Can you type in console "sqv _DeAd_BoardBountyBandits and send screen with filled aliases.
  7. Hello if I'm correct I can add fame faction using this function Function AddFameForTracking(Faction Fame) FormListAdd(none, "GIP.FameFactions", Fame) endfunction After this, fame with this faction would dicrease by your mod and I need only to mod this value from my mod to change it? Also i see your function to mod fame depence on intfame like this int Function ModFameInCurLocation(int fame, int Amt) Global SendFameEvent("Gossip_ModFameCurLocation", Fame, Amt) endfunction it's possible to get in easy way on what intfame my mod fame was added? Or i need to use form[] Function GetFameFactions() Global return StorageUtil.FormListToArray(none, "GIP.FameFactions") endfunction and compare this with form of my fame and get array place of it?
  8. Hello, it's great that someone done similar mod to SLSF. Do you plan to expand for more fame types?. It would be awesome if there can be more fame type like criminal fame , suspicious behaviour fame, adventurer or mercenary fame. Also it would be great if there would be more instruction how to use this in other mods without hard dependency. Do you plan to add more supported mods like DD, Zaz?
  9. I don't have any specific concept which I want, I only want to read it and get ideas for new possibly features to mod. In one of goal was to make devious Adventures similar to your idea on sex living mod with expanding dungeon adventuress and quests
  10. Hi I liked concept of this, can I use some of your ideas in mod devious Adventures? Also I'm interested in reading your another concept.
  11. Your locations are really amazing it would be possible to split this mod to two part one with your amazings locations and second with everything else?
  12. Did you installed it in clean save? In middle of play or at the start? I didn't changed any files which could impact fighting
  13. To work correctly you need only replace pex file other is for compiling to files by yourself.
  14. Sorry for that it's fragment from some testing which i forgot to delete. Here are scripts to replace which would fix it. _DeAd_HiddenPocketScript.pex _DeAd_HiddenPocketScript.psc
  15. Yea I removed a lot of content but intend to redo it in better way. I want to add more bad interactions when player has succesfull life with methods of earning some money if you got money problems. But it would come with time. I want to make life in city more randomly simulating some events like stealing etc. It would have impact of events around player. If you have any ideas for what you want, you re welcomed to write it. I'll try to do it in some next update.
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