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Maer 31 - A Small Gesture



It turns out the work they have to do is outside the Stronghold. Once Maer has fulfilled her morning duties in the longhouse, they leave.




They're delving into Dwemer ruins. It reminds Maer of her time beneath Markath with her Leona and Lydia, and with First Master.


Maer was still free back then, at least technically. Looking back now, she realizes she had already mentally submitted to her First Master then. Hadn't Lydia suggested that was part of her conditioning? Her First Master's plan?


If so it worked... was that because her First Master broke her will in a way that would have worked on anyone? Or was there something about her that invited subjugation?


Thinking back, Lydia and Leona certainly made plenty of comments. They clearly thought Maer was particularly susceptible to domination like this, that she craved it... even if she did not know it herself.


Maer didn't get their point back then. Now she is wondering if it was true. Certainly her fate so far seems to bear it out.




Somehow they ally with a ghostly treasure hunter in the Dwemer ruins. The ghost is the first person - if you can call it a person - who doesn't look at Maer with pity or desire. Her status as a slave, as a plaything, doesn't register at all.


For her part, Maer wonders what it'd be like to fuck a ghost. Is it even possible?




The growth of her breasts and belly are undeniable now. When she runs - as sometimes she must - her tits flap about much more than she's used to. It kind of hurts, but when you're fighting sometimes you have to run.


Maer never was much one for bras or the like, her breasts were what she'd call perky rather than generous. Now she wishes she could get one, but it is obviously out of the question.


The changes in her body... she can't be pregnant, can she? Maer has always been a talented alchemist, and she's been making and taking remedies to prevent pregnancy ever since she became sexually active... with the man who became her First Master. She thought she was in love back then, with him and with what she imagined adventuring to be like.


It's funny how things turn out sometimes.




Maer is often sent forward to scout. It's a role she knows well, and it's not like she's unfamiliar with being on her knees.




"Well done."


Maer's magic contribute to killing some of the Falmer they encounter, and her Master compliments her. She is unprepared for the feelings of joy those simple words trigger in her. Would he let her suck his cock? She's well trained to never address her Master, so she dare not ask, but it's what's running through her head.


Whenever she uses magic she gets turned on, and even without it she perpetually gets horny. But this time her desire has a strong emotional component to it. She longs for her Master specifically, rather than just getting fucked.


Intellectually she knows she's being abused, that she should just endure until such a time as she can get away, but right now she wants this one particular merciless Orc to fuck her. She wants to show how much she appreciates his kindness.


Sweet Dibella, what is happening to her? Why is she feeling this way?




The fighting continues. Maer doesn't always get the opportunity to contribute, which is fine... when she's too aroused she can't focus too on her spellcasting too well anyhow.




"Princess, on your knees."


Her Master calls her over, expecting her service as is his habit. Maer scrambles eagerly, hoping he wants to fuck her.


But no, he wants her to dance for him. It doesn't make her feel any less horny. She can feel the fluids from her vagina trickle down her inner thigh as she wiggles and waves.


It doesn't work though. He leaves her frustrated.




Finally they find what they came for (whatever it is, Maer didn't concern herself with it), and Maer's Master decides to celebrate.


Maer tries to show her gratitude through her enthusiasm, taking his cock as far down her throat as she can, pushing her face forward so her nose grinds against this stomach. She's not sure if he notices, but it feels good to try her best... and she gets to relieve herself as well (finally).




"You did well."


They're standing outside the gates of the Dwemer ruins. It is the second time he's outright praised her. Maer's heart beats faster, she can feel her face flushing. There's a smile on her face, even. It's amazing how a few simple words can have a full-on physiological impact on her.


"Get on your knees." 


She obeys. What will happen next?


"As a reward, I will let you ask one question. Any question... or a request, even. Even if it is stupid, I will not punish you." He leaves it unsaid, but he doesn't promise to answer the question. He just gave her permission to ask. But even that is a boon.


That's why she's on her knees. It's the speaking position... but what should she ask? About her body? If he knows what's happening? No, that'd be foolish. About his future plans? No, what's the point? She has no agency, so it doesn't matter. What should she ask?


"Master..." she begins. Her voice is raspy, almost a whisper. She's not used to speaking anymore. "... recently... you have told me... you've said that I've done well...." It is an obvious statement, A snarl spreads across his face. Stating the obvious is stupid, she knows that.


"Some of your gestures...." Maer is shaking from fear, her voice quivering "... some of the things you've done... there's a part of me that hopes that maybe the insignificant things I do bring you... make you happy... makes you pleased with me."


Maer looks up at him. She's staring into his  eyes - cruel, unyielding. There's no way she can read his expression. Will he beat her? Will he laugh at her? Is she presuming too much?


"Please, Master, I ask that you help guide me to earn more of your of your affection...." He narrows his eyes. Oh no. That was too presumptions. There's no affection, there can't be. Tears are rolling down her face now. "Please, I want to serve you so you look at me and think well of me. As your slave. As your whore. I ask you to help me. Please. And..." she's sobbing now, ugly crying with snot running down her face "... to let me know when I please you.


"Stop mewling."


This is the most emotional she's been - she's allowed herself to be - since she became a slave. She went much further than she thought when she started to speak, but once she opened that door it all just burst forth. It's hard to stop herself now, but of course she obeys her Master. She wipes the snot from her nose and pinches back the tears.


"Sorry," she whispers, averting her eyes.


"You asked your question."


Maer stares at the ground between his feet. Will he answer?


Her Master doesn't speak. He just turns and walks away, but as he does so his right hand grazes her cheek. His touch is surprisingly soft.




Maer whole body feels light as they walk back to the Stronghold. Her heart is singing. She asked - presumptuously, unwisely - for her Master to show her more affection... and he did.


She is so incredibly happy.


At the same time, a voice in the back of her head says "what is wrong with your Maer? What have you let yourself become? You should fight back! Don't give in like this!"


She ignores the voice. Right now, in this very moment walking back to the Orc Stronghold she is happy. Her Master - a brutish cruel Orc, no less - has shown her that he cares for her.


All is right with the world.




Maer feels the whole world has changed from her Master's one little gesture. She barely feels the rain or the cold.


The Orc Stronghold looms in the distance. She wonders if anything will change in her life there?




Whatever it is that's happening to her body, it's not slowing down. Her breasts are large and tender, engorged even. He stomach too. It's consistent with pregnancy, Maer is sure, but the timelines don't really  make sense do they? Why would her alchemical contraceptives fail her now, all of a sudden? It's not like her uterus hasn't been practically drenched in semen for months.




"Come over here, Princess! Open up!"


Back in the Stronghold, Maer is still an Orc plaything. Nothing's changed in that regard. She's naked, on her knees, with a cock being rammed down her throat. And that's alright... comforting even.



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