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Here i am...



Out of the shade 1277152669_01Outoftheshade.jpg.a4e697b7c9d6438fecef3cbfde95866e.jpg

Out of the shadows815386975_02Outoftheshadows.jpg.5f934dcb2b94926aaae82bc8c8f96075.jpg

Out of the haze233105796_03Outofthehaze.jpg.132c3c856b386074eaa614ffc9adc2a3.jpg

I’m comin’ out of 632438091_04Imcomingoutof.jpg.4e6f4decf85d9d1699561e0191bcfdb7.jpg


Out of the ashes I rise21668760_05Outoftheashes.jpg.dea62ba4cf3085f3157fde1857c66b36.jpg

You can run 854900536_06Youcanrun.jpg.8941e58c6f6ca6595a929dc6da147e75.jpg

But you can’t hide1635048130_07Butyoucanthide.jpg.e828ac5e29050d7e7a89dadeccaa52f5.jpg

Breath on your skin, I’ve arrived2036854864_08Breathonyourskin.jpg.4acfeb173e83dc6ab44b549f4c875dde.jpg


Here I am 827100587_09Hereiam.jpg.70804eef6a487c1e4426605590b8ac98.jpg


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Hi there, well as far as I understand this is a "character representation entry" or something like that ^^

Pretty character and quite good visuals! 

You know people like redheads here :D


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The intention was more 'something like that'. ;)


I like the song and simply tried to find pictures that would fit the lines. Without a posing mod this takes quite some time and way longer than i expected. And with the visual updates to my guide i had to start twice over...


Btw. if you like her then you can find all informations here: Aylis Character Pack

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