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Part 20: The Bells repaired



About a month later, in Gina's and Kabir's backyard




Gina: "Yes, I know. It sounds sudden, and perhaps a bit crazy, but... this is it."

Nadezhda: "It's not like I don't want you to be happy, but... you know.. it sounds a bit hastily... Are you really sure about it?"

Gina: "Definetely."

Nadezhda: "But you kno...-"

Gina: "Yes, I know I've said that about Charles too. But this time, it's real. I promise."




Nadezhda: "Alright. Then I'll believe you. Me and dad will come if you want to. Two weeks you say?"

Gina: "Exactly. I'm happy that you'll be there, mom. Thanks. See ya."

Nadezhda: "You're welcome. See ya."




Kabir: "The wedding planner?"




Gina: "No, it was just... I had to persuade my mother for a bit to come to the wedding."

Kabir: "Oh? That... sounds unusual. Is there a problem?"

Gina: "Not really, it's just... my mom knows of my... behavior with partners. It's a bit hard to reassure her that it's serious this time."

Kabir: "Ah. I understand. Can't wait to get her to know, even if the setting might be a bit sudden. I hope she likes me."

Gina: "Oh, don't worry. She was always a bit annoyed with all the other guys, so it will be a pleasant alternation."


And so, two weeks later, the Wedding ceremony takes place in the King Frederick's Garden in southern Havenburg.

And as the guests arrive and take their seats, some familiar faces show up here and there...




Valentine: "It's good to see you again, Gina. I hardly ever meet people back from University."

Gina: "Yes, me neither."

Valentine: "Oh? I thought you and this one singer were together? What was his name, Charles?"

Gina: "Yeah, um... It didn't go down so well. We... don't really talk anymore."

Valentine: "Oh. Sorry to hear that. Well I'm sure it'll work this time!"




Aaron: "Shouldn't you be with all the other guests, young man?"

Charles: "What? Uhh... Sorry, I'm just not that much of a guy for parties I guess..."

Aaron: "Irrelevant! A groom should always care for his guests!"

Charles: "Oh, I'm.... I'm not the groom. You must be Gina's dad, right?"

Aaron: "Huh... I was sure of it... You look just like her boyfriend..."

Charles: "I'm... not her boyfriend either, Mr. Kyron. Haven't been in a long time, actually."




Nadezhda: "And you must be Kabir! Gina told me so much about you!"

Kabir: "Oh? She did? I mean... nice to meet you, Mrs. Kyron..."

Nadezhda: "Yes! And only in praise! You are coworkers, right?"

Kabir: "Yes, in a way you could say that I am her secretary. I'm an assistant for her in Parliament. But I'm surprised that she mentioned me, because I'm afraid I never heard much about her parents."

Nadezhda: "Must be an old habit. She tried to avoid her lovers from meeting us as much as possible, it was a bit embarrassing for her most of the time. But she couldn't ever stop talking about you."

Kabir: "Oh, that's nice to know."

Nadezhda: "And, Kabir?"

Kabir: "Yes?"

Nadezhda: "She almost never talked about her boyfriends."




Nadezhda: "Not in white?"

Gina: *laughs* "What? For Virginity? I think that would be very ridiculous to everyone."

Nadezhda: *laughs* "Yeah, maybe you're right."




Nadezhda: "So... it's real this time, isn't it?"

Gina: "Mom? No offense, but... why do you keep asking that? You've seen him, haven't you?

Nadezhda: "Yes, and he's all nice but... You don't fully know what happened last time yet, do you?"

Gina: "Do I need to? All I know is that I love him and that he has seen me at my most unmasked state and still loves me."

Nadezhda: "Well, let's just say I'm being caref...-"

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.

Nadezhda: "The Bride is not ready yet, Kabir!"

Charles: "It's me, Mrs. Kyron. I just wanna talk to Gina alone... if that's okay. Don't worry, I'm not here to do something stupid."

For a few moments, Gina just stands there in silence, thinking. Nadezhda nods to her, and she nods back.

Gina: "Come in."




Charles: "Sorry to interrupt. Don't worry, it won't take long."

Nadezhda: "It's alright. I think we were finished anyway."




Charles: "So, it's really happening this time, huh? Kabir is supposed to be it?"

Gina: "I think I'm putting a fine on that question. I hear it so often that I can easily finance this whole wedding with it."

Charles: "Is that so? I wonder why..."

Gina: "What do you want, Charles?"

Charles: "Not much. I'm not here to stop you or anything. I just want to ask you some questions."

Gina: "Fine."

Charles: "Assuming you did not lie back then... did you ever find out why you cheated on me on our wedding?"

Gina: "Oh, not this again..."

Charles: "I mean, surely there must be something that makes you sure it'll work this time, mustn't it?"

Gina: *sigh* "No, I did not find out why I did it back then. Did you really have to ask this question? I could finance another wedding if I put a fine on that one too."

Charles: "I mean, it's probably idiotic to make something as unreasonable as love sound reasonable. But I just wanna know... why."

Gina: "Alright Charles. You wanna know why? Why it's him and not you?"




Gina: "Because even if I did just the same thing I did back then and fucked half of the guests attending here, and even if I could not put up an explanation on why I did that on my wedding day, unlike you, Kabir would be respecting of just who I am. Who I apparently am. That is the reason why it worked with Kabir and not with you, and if you want to blame someone, you can blame yourself just as much as you can blame me!"

Charles: "Well, if that wasn't a decisive answer..."

Gina: "You can bet it was! And I may just sound a bit angrier than justified right now, but I won't let what is supposed to be the happiest day of my life get ruined by your passive-aggressive nostalgia!"

Charles: "Alright, I... guess I should go then..."


And not even half an hour later, the wedding ceremony itself takes place...





And just a couple of days later, Kabir invites Gina to a very special honeymoon.




Gina: "Looky pretty comfy around here... And so remote..."

Kabir: "I know you have a thing or two for snow... So I've picked one of the spots that are higher on the mountain... But the real surprise is already inside of it..."

Gina: "Oh? Well, you can call me excited then! I'm eager to find out what awaits me..."




Gina: "Looks really good from the inside... So, where's my surprise?"

Kabir: "Upstairs... in the bedroom. Go take a look at it."

And as she goes upstairs, Kabir is only following her slowly, carefully letting her go first...




Jared: "Oh. Look, dude. They're finally here."

Jacques: "Oh, good. I was getting uncomfortable on the ground here."

Gina: "What... does this mean, Kabir? You... invited my lovers?"

Kabir: "Yes. I thought..."




Kabir: "...that it would be a bit boring if only the two of us would be at our first night as a married couple."

Gina: "wow... you really are a keeper... you just knew it wouldn't be me if we just 'made love'! Now, come here, boys! I need to get undressed!"

And so begins perhaps the longest and greatest orgy that Gina ever had...

























After the presumably last climax, the Couple is just lying next to each other, holding hands...




Jared: "So, uhh... I assume you want to be left alone now?"

Jacques: "Dude, this is their wedding-night on their honeymoon. Its insane that we've been invited at all."

Jared: "Oh. Well, then I guess I'll just watch some TV downstairs."

Jacques: "You move your ass back to the fucking hotel right now you horny troglodyte. Let us go!"




Gina: "Kabir?"

Kabir: "Yes?"

Gina: "I love you. Only you."

Kabir: *laughs* "I love only you too, Gina. Don't worry."


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