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Aithne's story part 4 - On the Cusp



Aithne huddled at the end of her chain as she watched the door. Master had found a town some days or weeks ago. She wasn’t sure – she had lost track of time in this enclosed space, where the only hints of the world outside came when He opened the door to leave or return.


She heard His footsteps crunching outside and hastily pushed herself to her knees, then poised as she had been taught, with head bowed and hands open on her thighs. She heard the door open and peeked up as much as she dared and was rewarded with a brief glance of sunlight and a snatch of blue sky before the door closed.


A pause, then, and she tensed.


“You disobeyed. Again. Why? Do you enjoy pain so much?”


Fear fluttered through her and she shook her head. “N…no! Master. I did not…” Her sentence was cut short by the sharp crack of the whip and she cried out as it burned across her chest.


“What did I tell you to do?” Crack!


She screamed out the answer: “Stay as you left me!”


“Correct.” Crack! “So why didn’t you?”


“It…it hurt my knees.” She wept and then cried out as the whip tasted her flesh for the third time.


“That is how I know you disobeyed – you were not in pain when I returned.” Crack!


Another scream. “I’m sorry, Master! I…I’m trying…”


She expected another lash, but instead He stepped to her and knelt down. “I know you are. But this is an important lesson for you. You are going to be on your knees for hours at a time, some nights. You will not be permitted to show signs of pain. Do you understand?”


“I…” She shook her head but answered, “Yes, Master. I will…will do better.”


“Yes. You will. But for now, I think you are finally well enough to move on to your real lessons.”


Foreboding welled up from deep within her. “M…Master?”


He reached down and jerked at His leather pants, loosening them and letting them drop. His enormous penis filled her vision, slowly rising like a snake readying to strike. Aithne stared at it as dread overwhelmed her, and she found herself shaking her head and shrinking back.


“No no no…” Her mouth sounded out the word over and over.


He snarled and grabbed the back of her head, then pressed her face into His cock. “Do we have to start over? Has it been a mystery to you what your place is? This will be your job, and you are going to do it with a smile on your face. Do you understand me? No matter how many men want you, no matter where they want to use you, you will smile and say yes and you will please them.


“Now. Do your job.”


Aithne took a deep haggard breath and reached out with one hand, dragging it through the air as slowly as she dared, trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. But soon enough, her fingers brushed His soft skin and His cock jumped in response. She wrapped her fingers around its girth and began to stroke.


“There. Not so bad, is it? Now look at me and smile.”


She lifted her head and stared at His chin – she did not feel brave enough to meet His eyes – and forced her lips to curve upward. He grunted.


“I guess we’ll have to practice this a lot. Now your mouth.”


She sighed and bent to her task. She had given blow jobs before, of course, but they had always been her choice, with men she wanted to be with. This was different – the motions were the same but it felt mechanical and her mind soon disengaged and began to wander, first to other blow jobs in the past, then following a natural progression of memories. She thought of the men she had been with which reminded her of how she met them, and this line of thought led her invariably to the first time she had stepped on a ship’s deck.


She had always loved the sea. It had called to her from the moment she first smelled the salty tang in the air and saw the waves crashing onto the shore. Her parents had laughed at her squeals of delight and her father had promised to take her to His ship.


The thought of her parents sent a pang through her and it must have caused her to stop because she heard Him growl. She focused for a few seconds to get herself back in rhythm, then let her mind unhook again.


Her father’s ship was a bulky, lumbering merchantman. It didn’t move through the water so much as it barged through it. Aithne loved it with the instant attachment of a child to a new toy and spent hours exploring every inch of it. Soon (after incessant begging) her father allowed her to sail with Him and she spent more hours pestering the crew with a billion questions as they tried to work.


As she grew older, she began to help out in the ways that little girls could. The bigger she got, the more she could do, and around her twelfth birthday her father made her an official part of the crew. It was the happiest she had ever been, and she might have stayed on that ship forever, gradually taking her father’s place as the owner/captain, but her eyes eventually turned to the pair of sleek sloops her father had hired for protection.


They sliced through the water without effort. Where her father’s ship fought the ocean, blundering its way through nothing more than sheer obstinance, the sloops seemed to skate along the waves as if they were every bit a natural part of it as the whales and dolphins that made the occasional flyby. Aithne was entranced. Her parents had been so upset when she reached her majority and joined the Navy, although for different reasons. Her mother…


Her absent train of thought was interrupted by His grunt and a splash of hot spunk that filled her mouth and throat in an instant. She jerked back on instinct, a cough already on its way up, but He misinterpreted the movement and grabbed the back of her head.


“No, swallow.”


Her mouth was already open but her cough was caught when He jerked her head back onto His cock, and she flailed as well as her arms could manage as she tried to simultaneously take a breath and cough and swallow. Her eyes began to water and the room had begun to fade when He finally let out a last grunt and pulled back. She gasped for breath.


“I don’t know if you realize how fortunate you are. If this were five years ago – hells, if this was one year ago – I probably would have fucked you to death by now. If you weren’t somehow dead, your body would at least be broken, and I probably would have left what remained of you for the wolves.”

He bent, sticking His face so close in front of hers that her hair rustled from His rancid breath. She had to fight to keep from turning away.


“But I had time to think while rotting in that cell for all those months. I became what I became because humans were frightened of my size. I wasn’t always Borkul the Beast – it was who I was forced to become. That is why here, in this place, I have decided on a new path. A new life. A real life, not that of a criminal. No one here knows who I am or what I have done. So. You get to live. Consider yourself lucky.”


She tried to bite back her retort, but it spilled out before her brain could corral it. “Kidnapping is a crime. You’re still a criminal.”


She flinched as the words finished leaving her mouth, sure that punishment was coming, but He just laughed and stood. “Life isn’t fair, is it? Welcome to my world.”


 As He turned and made His way to the fire and began to poke it into more life, she let her head loll to the side so that she was staring at the stone of the back wall. She felt anything but grateful.

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from @Tirloque and Malicia


Interesting idea to let her mind wander into her childhood while performing for Borkul. It lessens the violence of the act. :classic_smile:


Malicia : « So now she's forced either not to move, either to do pee-pee kissing. That's very bad ; I very knew it. :classic_sleep: »

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