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Oh, don't give me THAT look!



I mean, I'm not asking that much, am I? All I'm going to do is leave them, naked, bound and kneeling in the swamps north of Morthal, while I jump down a previously unexplored sinkhole to see what's down there.  Admittedly, there were quite a lot of zombies wandering around earlier, but I'm pretty sure I got the last of them. Still, best if they try not to draw attention to themselves. I mean if they scream really loud, it might carry as far as Morthal, but after the Morvath's Lair business, I wouldnt put too much faith in the intrepid townsfolk coming to rescue. And zombies or not, you never know what else might be listening. In the swamp. At night.


Best keep the noise down would be my advice.





Still, I can understand why they might be slightly concerned. I mean this all started when I travelled to Morthal to collect a bounty for the leader at Robber's Gorge. I then got monumentally sidetracked, running down to Whiterun and then Falkreath, talking to the Jarl, building  a house at Lakeview Manor, and I'm only now, belatedly, wondering why I can't get a bounty quest to kill the boss at Halted Stream Camp. It's because you can only have one bounty of each type active, and Alsfur is still waiting for me to go and claim my reward for Robber's Gorge.


So off to Morthal I go. And I'm standing outside the Jarl's Hall when the Moon comes up (there only seems to be one of them for some reason - stranger things have happened I guess) and suddenly the Beast is trying to assert himself. From experience, this means I have something under 60 seconds before I go Full Wolf and get a bounty with HJaalmarch and a fight with every guard in the place. So I leg it for the hills and manage to get out of sight before the Change comes over me.


After that, well, I'm a Wolf, and wolves hunt, so I latch onto the first passing stag and try and catch it. This proves to be a mistake. This isn't just any old stag, this is the Fastest Stag Alive, and even at full sprint I'm barely gaining on it. Worse, when I do get close, the damn thing pulls some high velocity turn and I go shooting past in a manner reminiscent of a certain well known, road-runner chasing coyote.


I do eventually catch it of course. Just not before it has a chance to run up the the entrance to Fort Snowhawk. Which shouldn't have been a problem. Except that, of course, it was.


See, I'd been to Fort Snowhawk last time I was in the area, on my way from Morthal to Robber's Gorge. That time, I got into a discussion with one of the dark mages living there that quickly became heated, escalated to violence, and culminated in my scouring the place from top to bottom. All the males I put to the sword. the females I enslaved and impregnated with gem seeds before shipping the whole lot of them to Castle Volkihar, where I left them in bound supplication in the chapel of Molag Bal.



SkyrimSE 2021-01-08 10-12-55.png






So you can understand why I wasn't expecting much trouble at Fort Snowhawk. The trouble is, Skyrim being Skyrim, you can't leave a fort empty for long without someone deciding to move in. In this case it was the Damn Faithless Imperials deciding the place needed a garrison. I've no sooner finished licking the stag blood from my chops, then the hue and cry goes up from the fort and I'm suddenly knee deep in Imperial soldiers. Wile E. Coyote would be so proud.


That said, the soldiers don't have much more luck than the mages before them. Except that most of the Imperial females had faces like the back end of a mudcrab, so the males and females get slaughtered without discrimination. I suppose whether that's an improvement or not depends on your point of view.


There was one of them caught my eye though.






What's that you say? Tell me again who's going to the block! Who's going to the block now, bitch?





Yeah, that's what I thought.






Obviously, it's not the same woman; that one died when Alduin first attacked. This poor girl wasn't even an officer, she was just an archer auxiliary until I dressed her up in the commander's cloak and helmet so I could vent some steam. That officer in Helgen has a lot to answer for some days.


... Annnnyyyway! With that out of my system I set off with the girls to walk back to Morthal (to claim the bounty from Alsfur, remember?) and  I decided to walk through the swamp so I could look for potion ingredients; that's how I ran into the zombies I mentioned at the start. Turns out there was about a dozen of them, tough, poisonous and diseased, and capable of surprising speed over short distances. So I swung further away from the road to avoid being seen, vamped up (yeah, I can do both) and set out to wipe out the zombies before they hurt someone I cared about. Like me, for instance.


Which is a long winded way of explaining how I found myself outside of the Old Morhal Sinkhole. And instead of saying (as any sensible person might) "that looks interesting - I'll come back later after I've talked to Alsfur", my first thought is "I think I'll leave the sluttage tied up outside and go down that hole and see where it goes.


So, if I'm honest with myself, I can sort of understand their concern.


I'm still going down the hole, though,



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