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Part 18: The Dream achieved?



About two months later.

Gina and Kabir have been meeting for quite a while now.

It has become a kind of established ritual between the two to meet every Friday in the King-Frederick-Gardens to eat some Burgers together and talk about their week.

Today is such a friday.




Kabir: "Harrington was really grumpy when he left the Party Meeting yesterday. You can feel there is something brewing up in the Party Leadership."

Gina: "Eh, the usual splits I suppose. Harrington doesn't like Steiner, Steiner doesn't like Harrington and everyone hates Williams."

Kabir: "True. At times I ask myself what keeps Williams in the party. He sounds more and more like he would be better off somewhere else."

Kabir takes a bite, then looks at Gina.

Kabir: "So, how has your week been? Outside of the Workplace."




Gina: "Oh, you know... Nothing special, really only the usual..."

Kabir: "...Gina..."

Gina: "What?"

Kabir: "You know you do not have to lie to me, right? I know your codes, 'Nothing special' means your throat and tongue had some fun..."




Kabir: "And since I know you love doing that, 'really only the usual' means you had someone at your backdoor..."





Gina: "Well.... uhh...."

Kabir: *laughs* "You should see your face now. You can swing speeches like Cicero himself, but are red as a tomato when someone catches the real you off guard. It's okay, really. I had a clue how you spend your free-time before we started dating."

Gina: "Sorry. Force of habit, I suppose. Yes, I did have some fun. On Tuesday I had Alan and Steve over, for the 'special', and on Thursday Tom for the 'usual'."

Kabir: "Ahh... wait, I know Alan, right? Didn't we visit you both once?"

Gina: "Yeah.... yeah, could be... wait, no, that was Steve. Alan was the older, slightly overweight guy."

Kabir: "Ahhh, the nervous guy? Brown jacket?"

Gina: "Yes, exactly. *laughs* What a topic for a date, isn't it?"

Kabir: "Oh, I don't mind. I like your openness, actually. Makes you special."

Gina: "Oh, thank you. Nice to hear that."

As Kabir finishes his last Burger, he brushes off some crumbs with his hands and looks Gina in the eye.

Kabir: "So then... to your place?"

Gina: "I thought you would never ask..."






Gina: "I've been looking forward to this all week..."

Kabir: "Yeah, me too..."




Gina: "No, no... keep the shirt and tie on... that makes it feel forbidden..."

Kabir: "As you wish.... Miss Kyron..."










Gina: "Want me to ride you know? Just when I thought I could discover your wild side..."

Kabir: "Oh, you want it wild?" *laughs* "Get on the table, bitch and I'll show you 'wild'...."









Gina: "Now that's what I'm talking about...!"






Later on that evening...




Gina: "I could really get used to you sleeping at my place..."

Kabir: "Yeah, me too. This... *he looks over to the large mirror at the wall behind him* ..bedroom sure can be an experience. But I don't need to tell you."

Gina: "If only work wasn't in the way... I mean, people would recognize it if we conicidentally arrived at the same time in the same car at the Parliament building..."

Kabir: "And what would be so wrong about that?"

Gina: "Oh, no, it's... not like that, it's just... I mean, we don't see each other for a long time yet... and if we were to... you know... stop that, people could make assumptions about me that... are not neccessarily far from the truth. I can already see the headlines 'Gina Kyron: A Slut in our Parliament?'"

Kabir: "Ah. Well. I see. For a moment I thought it was an excuse for worse implications of that comment. But these problems are of course very real. So... did you... think about what I told you? After you came back from Lussanca?"

Gina: "What do you mean?"

Kabir: "About you wanting to work in the Parliament. Remember?"

Gina: "Oh, right. Well, I... certainly recognized that dissonance too. I'm surely holding back a lot when I'm at work. Or even here. I invite much less people over than before, rarely more than one. There's only so many... guests I can trust not to go to the press with the story of the year about a Popular Front politician inviting both men and women over for Sex..."

Kabir: "So... did you think about quitting?"

Gina: "Sure would be the logical solution to this problem, wouldn't it?"

Kabir: "Seems so. Sure worth to think about it, in my opinion."

Gina: "I mean... I became a Politician for a reason... I wanted to actually change something for the better... But I also feel like I lost a part of my everyday life for it... I... have to think about what's more important to me... I assume... But now, let's go sleep."

Kabir: "Yes. It's getting late."




Gina, however, was not really able to sleep. She kept thinking about that conversation. It never occurred to her before today that she could quit Politics for just doing what she wants.




Ah, fuck... How could anyone sleep with thoughts like these in their head?

I can't just quit, can I? I have a responsibility to bear, for my Mandate and for the Party...

But wouldn't that mean I would become one of those boring, grey suit mannequins?

Still, it's not just my reputation that would suffer if anyone found out... It would affect the whole party... They would probably kick me out!

But... that would mean I might as well quit, right? Sooner or later, it will come out... unless of course, I...

Quit... slutting around.


Ugh. Tough Decision. Probably nothing I can decide in one night.




Why am I even overthinking before sleep again? There's a really handsome, nice Man sleeping next to me, and he even likes me!

Amazing... he knows all this nasty stuff about me... and he still wants to be with me? And not just for the Sex, it seems...

Could this be it? The dream?

Someone I can go to sleep and wake up with every day... who has no problems with... me being a slut at all?


Thinking about it... This is almost like the situation he mentioned, is it?

A relationship and the slutting around are a dichotomy, two incompatible opposites...

But.. Kabir seems to shake this concept... He allows both to be possible, compatible...


If only he could fix my problem with politics too..








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