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I Made A Light!



OK, doesn't sound that impressive, I know. All the same, I wracked my brains for ages trying to work out how to do this. Google hits talked about the lights being animated textures and you needed Havok and 3DSMax And then I looked at the Track Light Ground in Blender and Nifskope.


Turns out, I don't need to create the light source itself. The track light just links to that. I also tells it how big to be and defines an attach point for where the light needs to be. So all I did in the end was take the little name plinth I'd already made, hollow out the back, and then cut and paste the mesh for the plinth into the track light nif.




I also upped the brightness and radius a little, and changed the angle of the light and moved the attach point, so it was better for the task I had in mind.




And it works really well. Sparta on the far right there is lit my my new lamp. Clutch in the middle is lit by a combination of her own floor light, and a four lamp ceiling track. The rules list gets two track lamps, one floor and one ceiling. (I have no idea why the texture keeps going to pot on that item. Probably because I made it too small and I keep having to scale it up...) Whiplash on the left shows what it's like with only one track


Of course, doing it this way, I can't illuminate the sign itself to make it easier to read in the dark. So I added a glow-map to the material.




It's like the panel is back-lit from inside, which works nicely.


Now I just need to make more plinths.


Also, completely irrelevant, but I think I've managed to get those poster/cross boards to snap back to back as well as side to side




I can see I'm going to have fun with this :)


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