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Err... I fixed it...

Storms of Superior


I've made no secret of the troubles that I've faced with Skyrim CtDs. I was even considering putting all mod development on hold indefinitely due to things that were happening with my computer while playing, as well as crashing, Skyrim, thinking that my computer was about to shit its final time.


Yesterday, I decided to try this file, even though it came with its share of dependencies: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27122-working-vagina-hdt-collisions-hair-physics-now-with-belly-support/. Along the way, I was researching a problem I was having, and among my search results was a link to that same thread where there were listed different versions of things like HDT Physics Extension, HDT Havok Object, and the like. I had no idea that these versions were available before yesterday.


So I squared away all of those mods, got rid of the ones I was using, and what do ya know? ALL of my troubles went away. Not just somee, but ALL. I still have a bit of lag here and there, but that isn't any trouble. The important thing is that I spent most of yesterday playing Skyrim, and actually being able to enjoy the mods I had loaded (loaded more mid-game without any issues), and the CtD problem did not occur once all day. I'm happy to have resolved things finally.


Since I'll not have to put off developing mods now, it is time to invite others to read over the scope of Black Empire (OSTP already has a document that does this; it's available for download in early blog entries). Let me admit that I still have only a rough understanding of scripting, despite help from two reliable sources, but I shall learn scripting.


Among the help I'll need (without giving away too much about the mod too early) is experienced armor and weapon designer(s), character creation expert (both for unique NPCs and messes of generic ones), someone to help keep quests and dialogue trees straight, possible voice acting (yeah, right, right?), someone to help, and teach me, how to integrate objects and whatnot from other mods to make it stand alone, and someone to help build a somewhat large worldspace. If there is anything else I'll maybe think to include it later.


This is a lot of work, but I don't really have the ability to think on a small scale, and a lack of an opportunity to work with others makes a project fizzle.


Thanks for reading, folks.


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