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Worked Though The Night And Now The Sun Is Coming Up



I brought Somerville Place into my little network of settlements. I found a well trained slave in Sunshine Tidings, and had her run a trade route to Somerville. Then I set about building some infrastructure in the settlement. Of course, the first thing we needed was to expand the headcount. I decided to nip next door to Vault 95 and ask for volunteers.




I started working that line somewhere around 10pm. Now it's 8am and somewhere behind that cloud cover, the sun is up. Talk about "no rest for the wicked".


I wouldn't mind but once I finish this lot...




I've got another dozen waiting for me, topside.






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2 hours ago, NixWrld said:

Thats messed up lol..what did Mystique do?

Heh. We were having a discussion about whether, if you changed a raider's appearance with Just Business, it changed just that one raider, or all the raiders with the same base actor. So I changed one so that there'd be no mistaking her if she showed up again. Now something like 2% of the raiders I catch are blue. I decided to let it stand for this run.

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